A Tribute to All of You…

Thanks to all of your comments. My hearing’s back to normal. I felt your love and caring, dearests!. Dinna and I have been talking about the downside of technology when I commented on her brave choice to write letters long-hand and how technology has somehow diminished the personal and human touch in correspondence. However, with online journaling, electronic entries were able to transcend the inherent two-dimensionality of the internet as a medium of communication, giving the reader a piece of the writer’s heart, mind, and/or soul. Your comments of love, caring, thoughtfulness, dissent, approval, and animated laughter and sadness become my source of happiness and satisfaction. You have viewed me as a person, and not just as an entity in this electronic world—and vice-versa. (beats having a number on the Pinoy Top Blogs box-thingy).

So, to honor the people—or more appropriately, my FRIENDS, I would like to say a big thank you to the following:

Anna of Annabanana: Goodness gracious, annabanana. If there’s a machine that I could associate with her, I’d say TELEPROMPTER FOR HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN (hahahahaha! Thanks for letting me borrow the line, Nathan Lane!). She’s the bubbliest person I’ve ever met in person. She can tell you 5 stories and she makes it look like it’s one big story with the absence of periods and paragraphs. (rolls in laughter) Luv yu, gurl…

Dinna of Pinay New Yorker: You have been a very good blog and “off-blog” friend and confidante, dearest. You are one resilient woman and I admire your strength and grace under pressure. I hope to go to New York soon. We can meet at the top of the Empire State Building. (cue soft lighting and musical score) It’s the nearest thing to heaven…

Toni of Wifely Steps: Sweet, charming, and darling! Yes, dearest. You are the sweetest, most charming, most darling girl I have ever met…and that’s online ha? Somebody should mass produce you and wrap you up in a box and display you alongside the cutest stuffed toys in Blue Magic! (Ginawang pang-monthsary gift? Hahahaha!) Sayang we weren’t able to meet when Anna came over.

Snglguy of Inside the Mind of the Single Guy: You get the title of Bridget Jones’s first ever straight male blog friend. Hahahaha! Seriously, I thank you for your regular visits. You constantly remind me of the innate goodness of men. The girl who will snag you will be one lucky biatch. Hahahaha! Baka kayo ni Arabella ang magkatuluyan, wag naman sana. Hahahaha! You are a fellow dog lover and that says a lot about you as a person. Props to you, dawg! (pounds chest twice with clenched fist and points at you)

Lani of Worthless Anik-Anik: You are a great person with a lot to offer with your opinions and views about life. That’s why I am wondering why your address is “worthlessme”. (pouts at you) You are honest and generous with your feelings which you graciously share to us, and to me in particular to learn and ponder on. Luv yu, te lans! Sayang di tayo nagkita.

Ruby of When Excrement Hits the Ceiling: What can I say? Bakla ka. Yun lang. Hahahaha! Profound homage ang ine-expect mo noh? Cheh! Hahahaha! My source of jokes. You are a person I enjoy being with because of your unbelievable wit (long, interstellar pause) sige na nga, pati beauty na rin, hmph. Kasama sa pandaraot at panlalait, and a co-plaintiff for Case No. 2006-2368, Ruby and Jerome vs. People who are Aesthetically-challenged and With Low IQ’s. (Seryoso ito. Kinausap pa si Davide).

Ajay of Writings on the Wall: When I got to meet you, I wanted to recite Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” because phenomenal woman that is you, mare. I hope you got to snag a papa already in one of your food trips. (I just hate you for having a job like yours. Hmph. Chos. Hahahahahaha!)

Bong of Out of My Mind: When I first met you and the guys when I was “presented”, I went through the thought and feeling process of a girlfriend being presented to the in-laws: will they accept me? Will I be able to integrate in their clique? I felt I didn’t shine when I was presented, especially that I was compared to my predecessor who was quite a loud character while I practically stayed silent that night. But now, all evidence to the contrary di ba? Hahahaha! I’m glad I’m not in the “inisa-isa” website. (winks at you). But I really admire you for your opinions and principles in life. You are a good father and I have witnessed that. Cheers to you, my friend! Coffee soon?

Karol of Life and Love with Kalories: Gaaaaaaang! I am happy for you and your fafa on your 9th year. Biro mo yun? Nine years na kayong naglolokohan. Hahahaha! Pero seriously, gang. Thank you for being one of my first blogfriends. Hugs and kisses to you! Hindi ko matapos ang aking version ng “My Life So Far”…

Tintin of Tin at 30: I admire you for being the mother and wife that you are. Inggit tuloy ako dahil wala akong uterus. Hahahahaha! Hugs and kisses to you and your child, mare!

Atticus of Lucubrate. Girl, your no-nonsense attitude and range makes me want to be a better diva. Hahahahahaha! I love your entries and I love your visits. (kahit hindi ko alam ang pangalan mo, kamukha ni snglguy). But your provocative entries make me think hard about things that I have never thought of. Thanks for keeping me on my toes and making me laugh and cry and basically experience with you the entire range of emotions.

Ade of Noisy, Noisy Man: Your daily dose of retard kept me company over the last year while waiting for my soul brother, OJ, who has the same brand of humor as yours. You are sensible and cool at the same time. Your “Rock Star” entry brought me back to the days where I rocked with my singing (and I was paid! F*$#ck!). Keep it up. And by the way, don’t worry, you are not gay. But this I say to you: if you decide to bat for the other team (looks deep into your eyes)…you know who to call… (cue Ghostbusters theme)

Duke of QRS Complex: You get the 1st Runner Up title for being Bridget’s 2nd straight male blog friend. Napraning ako sa yo dahil lahat na lang yata ng entries at comments mo sa akin at sa blog mo, may “tae”. Tae ka. Buset. Kung hindi lang kita labs, doc. (drops to a whisper) In fairness, napag-awayan ka na namin ni Jher. (giggles) But your willingness to face the challenges of living and working abroad made me think of my dreams of landing an international stint. I thank you for making me dream of that (with you in my dreams of course. Wholesome nga lang. Tsk. Sayang. Hahahaha)

Baktin of Baktin Corporation: My blogfriend from Cebu!!!! Ilang punta ko na dyan, kelan ba talaga tayo magkikita, pards? You are one hell of a guy and I hope you get to win the Mr. Cebu title soon.

Ate Sienna of Ate Sienna’s Pansitan: Wish ko lang “Kuya Bodjie” ang pangalan ni Bossing mo at “Ging-ging at Ningning” ang pangalan ng mga dyunakis. Hahahaha! Ikaw ang isa sa mga taong napaka-komportable sa akin antistimano which I loved. You got me at “powtah” hahahaha!

K of K Speaking!: Your sense of fashion makes me want to kill you. Inggit ako! You make me drool with the things that you buy ha? Hmph. Chos. Hahahaha!

Kelly, Lyka, and Ekra of Las Tres Estrellas: Mga vaklaaaaaaa!!! You have given me the education every gay man should have: PROPER GAY LINGO. Hahahaha! Tse.

Chas of The Queer Chef: Your creativity constantly fuels my passion for the arts, particularly films and crafts. And the cooking, my dearest. Thanks for the recipes.

Jove of By Jove!: Jher has been talking about your chat and how you view us as your favorite couple. I hope we could have the chance to sit down and talk more about things (and Phil. Idol of course, most especially how Jan Nieto can show off his star potential and package. Hahahahaha!) Can’t wait to meet you, dahlin’!

Bananachoked of Life in Between a Banana Split: Naloka ako actually sa iyong blog title at handle, girl. But you are one hell of a principled bitch! We need lots of people like you who has this passion for the environment. Mother Nature is gay after all, right? Hahahahahaha!

Jennie of The Sassy Melbournite: You live up to your title, sassy girl! I love the fact that you are so happy now with your lovelife! And with matching pictures pa! Inggitin natin ang lahat dahil masaya tayong dalawa. (rolls in laughter)

Melai of Manilenya: Bakla, isa ka sa mga paborito ko kahit hindi ka na masyadong pumupunta. (singhot)

Owen of Simple Thoughts: Your entries make me admire you for your courage to just let it all out. Thank you for showing us the value of catharsis. (Mukha lang pandaraot ang dating pero seryoso at sincere yan. Hahahahaha!)

Yuri of Flight Manual for Dummies: Thank you for always sharing kilig moments with me. We are like the White Chicks who hang out with friends and just talk about shopping and fashion and style and boys…(giggles) Thank you and I hope to see you in one of my flights. (parang eroplano talaga? Hahahaha!)

Dylan of Radioactive Adobo: You hold a special title (parang special award like Miss Close-up Smile? Hahahaha), you inspired me to blog more…and I will forever thank you for that, mare…hugs and kisses!

Jher of Calm Before the Storm: To my best friend, lover, husband, and pornstar, well…see you on Saturday. (smiles naughtily)



To my new friends whom I have lots of time to know more: Rey of Toyo’s Way who loves videoblogging and has the cutest smile, Empress Maruja who is really an empress (I think), Jase of Life Funtastique who always dons a pair of Sophia Loren/Jackie O glasses (I hate the fact that you can pull it off, bakla. Hmph.), RalphT who has captivated me with his entries and the “cilantro” tip (a guy who cooks makes me swoon), Vince who will be the next pope (hehehehe), Joy of Kaleidoscope who I envy for experiencing Paris everyday, Jenn of Hunnymooners whom I envy for being able to go to different places with her husband, Ladybug of Of Law and Badminton who I’m sooooo happy for because she is pregnant (screams in delight), Jaira of Insomniac’s Mind na palaging tulog yata ngayon (hahahaha), Vida of Making Lemonade whom I love because her partner in crime is her dad, and to all those who dropped by and who will drop by…

I love you all and I will always be here to keep you company…bear hugs and butterfly kisses to everyone!

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33 Responses to A Tribute to All of You…

  1. karol says:

    bridgeeeeeeet…ano ba yan. kinikilabutan ako sa post mo. hehe. ewan ko kung bakit! thanks for being one of my first blog friends, too! ang saya-saya! dali, tapusin mo na yang my life so far…go, go, go! btw, am so glad hindi ka na bingi. hehe! *hugs*

    ps. may poem si boypren for me. check mo blog ko. haha. ang taray!

  2. Lani says:

    Nakaka-touch naman itong entry mo, at very thankful ako sa iyo. Thank you for being my blogpal also. Ang sayang magkaroon ng mga kaibigan na talagang totoong tao, walang kaplastikan, to the highest level ang honesty, isa ka sa mga taong iyon.

    Alam mo noong simulan kong isulat ang blog ko noon ay praning ako kaya worthlessme ang naging addy ko. Iyon iyong mga time na naghahanap ako ng magagawa sa buhay ko, bored na bored talaga ako. Ewan ko ba may pagkalukring ang lola mo, may time na wala naman talagang problem pero emote to death ako, nag-iisip ako ng poproblemahin.

    Love u dearie.

  3. atticus says:

    awwww….*hikbi* tats ako. salamat.
    i’m glad you’re okay. the name is JJ, and i’m a girl. 🙂

  4. ladybug says:

    Thanks for including me in your tribute, kahit bago pa lang tayong blog friends. I really enjoy reading and visiting your blog. It has a very personal feel to it. You let us have a peek into your own life. And we really enjoy your company. Keep it up! 😀

  5. Toni says:

    You are sooooo sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for being such a gem. Kisses, kisses.

  6. Dinna says:

    Jerome, you and Jher have blessed my life with your friendship and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. and I will meet you on top of the Empire State Building, on top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, and at the Rainbow Room mala-“Sleepless in Seattle” where Meg Ryan saw the heart sign on the Empire State Building. Then I will exit and leave you with Jher. Istorbo lang ako.. ((HUGS))) ((BIG KISS ON EACH CHEEK))) .. fade out.

  7. ice says:

    Jerome i really aprreacite you for being a true friend to me.. thanx for everything… alam mo naman dba??? hehehe btw *hugs* and *kiss*

    Hope everything’s well on your side…

  8. snglguy says:

    Awwwwww,*sniff* thanks for the loving tribute jerome. *sniff* Hamo, one day we’ll get together for that bottle (or bottles) of ice cold San Mig. Have a great weekend, bro.

  9. K says:

    Can I buy you a coffee and a Dunkin?

    Thanks JC, how sweet of you mahahalikan kita.

  10. Jennie says:

    How sweet naman! Considering that we’ve only “known” each other for a short span of time! 😀 I hope pag-uwi ko ng Pinas I’ll get to meet you and Jher-papa in person! 😀

  11. Bong says:

    thanks jerome. appreciate the kind words. just make my friend happy and you are in safe hands. otherwise… (mwahahaha) welcome to inisa-isa.



  12. bananas says:

    kapatid, sana we can squeeze a time nga to meet up. sure wud want that soooobra. OA ba? sure email me at grab.a.life.idiot@gmail.com

  13. Lyka Bergen says:

    Aaaaay! Ano Tosh? Parang nanalo ng award ang bruha! Hooy…. sa March pa ang oscars Inday! And BTW, dapat always first and pangalan ng Lyka before Kelly or Ekra! Tse!

  14. Dylan Gozum says:

    Huy, do i deserve this?! Weve come so far from that \”hate entry\”, remember? I dont think Ive said sorry for that, and for the sad events that happened before.

    Im just happy to be your friend. Kakaiba ka talaga, mare.

    BTW, dapat pagsamasamahin mo na lahat ng mga blog friends mo for your birthday party. Mura lang ang pagkain sa Estero. Ang tsalap tsalap pa, pramis.


  15. Wow what a touching entry! I almost cried while reading your entry! lol!

    I am also proud for having you as my blog friend! TC

  16. jher says:

    Basta ako naibigay ko na last weekend ang aking token of appreciation. hahahahah. wabyu husband!

  17. manilenya says:

    waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh badingggggg!!!!! walang atsutsutsu, walang mahabang komento para sa akin pero yung pagsinghot mo damang dama ko mula sa talampakan ko dumaloy ang kudlit sa mga nerve cells ko papunta sa hypothalamus ko(tama ba spelling) at nagutos na magbagsak ng luha sa mammary glands ko( tama ba? o magbalik aral ako ng psycho psyhiology subject ko) ka emote emote ang maikling mga salita ….isa ako sa paborito mo ako mare waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ang sama sama ko sa hindi pagbisita sayo ….ayaqw kong ijustify ang sarili ko ….tanggapin ko na lang ang munting tapik mula sayo. lab u mare sinabi ko na yan dati pati si fafa jher. yaan mo pagbukas na pagbukas ng talukap ng mata ko pag wala mga amo ko, pag online ko di na ko makakalimot plamis!!! muwahh all over!

  18. manilenya says:

    hope your fine now pala …di ko man lang alam nangyari sayo 😦

  19. Dylan Gozum says:

    Bakit po sa mammary glands (breasts) naggaling ang luha? 🙂 Dapat po yata galing sa Lacrimal glands (tear glands). Wala lang. 🙂

  20. jher says:

    shokelamera ang lolo ko. eh sa gusto nya sa bubelya nya lumabas ang luha nya noh. 😛

  21. duke says:

    parang…mamamatay na ba ako? tae. bat may tribute tribute? buhay pa ako oi.

    hemingway, salamat sa tribute. wala bang perang kasama? dapat meron. ang gwapo ko no?

    yeah, i used to blog for posterity’s sake. and then came my readers. now i blog for them. buwahahahaha.


  22. jaywalker says:

    Can I get some free promotion here as well. I see you as a person and not just as an electronic entity …:) nice blog you have here btw

  23. manilenya says:

    nyahahahahahaha Dylan kaya nga po sabi ko kailangan kong magreview ng physiology ko e lol!!! pede rin bigla baha ng gatas dito kaysa luha waheheheheheheh!!!!!..wahehehehhehe fafa jher naintindihan ko yan ….. boba ko madalas pero getsing ko gay lingo paminsan-minsan lol!!!

  24. jher says:

    mag update ka na my love!

  25. manilenya says:

    uunga updeyt na sus kung kailan naman madalas na kita sinisilip oo!

  26. kelly carson says:

    You have got to be one of the sweetest creations ever! Mwah. D nga. You are very warm, plus parati kang naka jacket, davah.

    It’s amazing that even these whom you have not met really care di bah. I feel that you deserve it. Stay sweet. And just so you know, you are my favorite link sa LTE. Mwah. Mamatay na sa ingget ang iba dyan! TSE!

    Gwapo ka kase eh. AY… Hehehe

  27. redjeulle says:

    Ning, kahit di na ko magpasalamat sayo dito i’m sure alam mo naman na labs kita di ba? minsan, feeling ko, tayo na lang magkakampi sa mundo, kasi di tayo sinama ni Dylan sa Estero. di bale, let’s just send each other jokes.

  28. Dylan says:

    Jher – naaliw lang ako sa imagery na sa boobs lumabas ang luha niya. Surreal lang. Yun lang.

    Manilenya – okay lang po yan. Pwede din po natin talagang i-try na sa boobs lumabas ang luha. Pwede din po nating pagkakitaan yan. Malapit na ang pasko at maraming perya sa ganitong mga panahon.

    Ruby – Estero is cheap. Kumakain ba kayo sa cheap places? ;-p

    Jerome – Mare, wala ba talagang pagasa na lagdala ka ng durian pie? Eh di mo naman kakainin eh. Dadalhin mo lang. Tapos babayaran pa kita for the trouble. LOL!

  29. ade says:

    Thanks for the “tribute”! I appreciate the fact that somebody actually bothers to read my retardness and not feel violated afterwards.

  30. Lani says:

    Update naman, dearie. Ano na ang bago sa iyong buhay-buhay?

  31. thanks, jerome! kitakits soon!

  32. tin2joy says:

    hi bridget! sori ha, i just read this. sobrang busy lang talaga ako with work. thanks so much for the kind words. 🙂 i’m glad to have you for a friend, too. god bless you always! 🙂

  33. br0wn_c0w says:

    I’m not saying this to suck up, but it really seems like you and I have a lot in common aside from the Bridget Jones reference hahahaah! I used to also write this kind of tribute post to my blog friends in Blurty usually during Christmas for the past 4 years or so that I’ve been blogging there. I’m just thankful that they’re there, and that I have become friends with them in real life through blogging. I never knew it was possible hehehee!

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