Losing my Sense of Hearing

I have been sick these past few days, remnants of the nasty cold, cough, and fever.  What I have been keeping from everyone is that I have lost almost 70% of my hearing.  I took the flight back to Manila from Cebu last Friday and the pressure plus congestion up my nose caused me to hear less.  I don’t have the colds anymore, I feel better.  Been lethargic though, from the tons of meds I’ve been taking.  But I am very concerned about my hearing.  I ran a training this past Monday to Wednesday, and I strained to understand the muffled voices of my participants.  I miss the sound of my footsteps and the slushing of water from the faucet which I cannot totally hear.  I am still scheduled to go to the EENT doctor on Saturday.  Till then, I have to bear the agony of waiting…and facing the possibility that I might forever be hearing impaired.  For someone like me who loves music and with a career that relies heavily on what people have to say, it is scary.  So, armed with a new-found respect to the differently abled, I did the following:

Got a haircut!  Nice, di ba?  If I will be deaf, I should still rock, man!


Cooked my version of Chicken Parmegiana.  


1/2 k  chicken breast fillet sliced into wedges, minced garlic and onion, 2 cups tomatoes, salt and pepper, dash of oregano, 3 tbsps. capers, 2 cups diced eggplants, 2 cups water, 1 red bell pepper diced


Saute garlic, onion, and tomatoes in olive oil.  Stir in chicken.  Season with salt, pepper, oregano.  Stir in capers, diced eggplant and red bell pepper.  Saute for another 3-5 minutes to let flavors infuse.  Add water and simmer for another 3-5 minutes.

Had the most awesome dinner.  Treat to the palate.


Chika with my sister, Shobe, while preparing dinner.  Talked about her experience of letting her boyfriend, Chris, go back to the States after the latter’s 6-week stay in the Philippines.  Oh, did I mention that his visit was the first time my sister and Chris saw each other?  Yes, blogfriends.  After a 3-month long-distance getting-to-know churvalens, Shobe got to see him in the flesh!  And the love story, my dearests.  Ugh.  Tissue please!  Gonna save that for another entry.  The chika centered more on the send-off which happened earlier today.  Boyfriend’s flight was at 6:00 p.m. so the usual hatid sa airport.  The only question was:

Me:  So, did you kiss at the airport just like in the movies?

Shobe:  Bakla syempre!  Record-breaking French kiss.  Queber sa lolang naiskandalo at sa mga ka-pamilya at public, matagal-tagal ko sya hindi makikita noh.

(me and Sis shriek like teenage girls)

Me:  Was he a good kisser?

Shobe: (slyly smiles)

(Me and Shobe shriek more like a bunch of teenage girls in an N’Sync concert back in the days when Lance Bass was still in the closet)


Made a mean salsa dip from scratch for our Nacho binge later while watching BONES on crime/suspense. 

Simple:  throw 3 big tomatoes, half of a white onion, parsley, 4 tbsps vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar, salt and pepper, and a dash of cumin into your blender and pulse away!  Yummmm!


and of course, I f#$%ng smoked away….


Don’t you just love the fact how losing something as precious as your sense of hearing can bring profundity and clarity to one’s self?  (wryly smiles)

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23 Responses to Losing my Sense of Hearing

  1. ate sienna says:

    hehehehe.. so ang solusyon mo sa temporary loss of hearing eh lumamon???

    diba sabi nila kapag over-sexed ka, nabibingi ka raw. hmmmmm.. at galing ka sa byahe. hehehehe… baka chuva-chuva lang ng doctor ang colds mo, ‘ni.

  2. ade says:

    Hm… it’s just your cold, I’m sure of it. 😉

  3. kalories says:

    ey, i hope it’s just your cold. 😀 ingat!

  4. ladybug says:

    I hope everything will be ok soon. Sana epekto lang ng colds yan at temporary. Anyway, ang importante bongga pa rin ang lovelife mo! 😀 Glad you’re back.

  5. jher says:

    gwapo naman nito. galing siguro mag-alaga ng boyfriend nya.

  6. K says:

    Thanks for the salsa dip info. Aba, I didn’t know you can COOK? But I hope you’re feeling better.

    Happy Friday the 13th. What would you be?

  7. annabanana says:

    i once lost my hearing too. well, what happened was that i was nursing a very nasty cold and took a trip to manila. i think the plane ride did it. it may have had something to do with cabin pressure. i felt a very distinct ache in my ears and then just like that i lost my hearing. i was so scared and i informed the FA…upon landing, i was excorted to the clinic, and had to go thru immigration with a doctor. after a few dyas, i regained my hearing. dont be scared sweetie, youll be fine! 😉

  8. Toyo says:

    hello jerome,

    thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving that nice message.
    take care and get well soon 🙂


  9. Dinna says:

    Jerome, you’ll be fine.. and I am not worried because I know Jher will take care of you. Just take it easy and stay beautiful! I’d hate to nag you but careful with the smokes, you know that can intervene with some medication.. (I know that’s probably an old wives’ tale but I’m and old wife.. LOL) We missed you.. Here’s a big hug with matching himas sa likod..=)

  10. kelly carson says:

    Life goes on, pare. Whatever happens to us, whether we succeed, fail, go blind or deaf, life goes on. And what you did is the best thing you could do. Although baka OA ka lang talaga amegah. Pa check mo kasi sa EENT doctor, decongestant lang katapat nyan.

    Abah, tinawag kitang PARE? Ang gwapo mo kasi eh. Top ka bah? Ah, hahahahha. Bakla!

  11. atticus says:

    jerome, ginutom mo ako. mula sa isang taong hindi marunong magluto, salamat. gusto ko sanang subukan kaso alam kong masisira lang ang tiyan ko kapag sinubukan ko ang recipe mo.

    hamo na. i’m sure it’s just a passing thing. your ears will heal. also, pagkakataon mo nang magpa-alaga ulit kay jher. 🙂

  12. ralphT says:

    try adding wansoy or cilantro to your salsa dude! it’ll give you a tex-mex feel 😉

  13. ralphT says:

    .. or taste for that matter 🙂

  14. Lani says:

    Macho ng unang pic mo ha, parang si FPJ. Korak si Anna na babalik din iyan. Uhmm, nagiging chef ka pala kapag medyo mahina pandinig mo.

    Sweet niyo talaga ni sis niyo. Sarap ng may kapatid na kaclose mo devah?

    Take care

  15. Toni says:

    Hi sweetie! I hope you’re okay. Nagpa-check-up ka na? Sana stress lang ‘yan and nothing else.

    Bagay ang gupit! Cutie!

  16. baktin says:

    well i hope you’re better now. papalapit na kaya ang pasko, it would be quite a loss if you won’t hear the yuletide sounds.

    inom ka na lang ng hot lemonade. baka stress lang po yan.

  17. ralphT says:

    thanks dude! remind me again just in case i forget… ‘busy’ e 😉

  18. yuri says:

    kakatuwa, cant for ur shobe’s love story.. im sure nde lang kiss yn hahahaha OMG! OMG! OMG! lagi tuloy me kinikilig whenevr i read ur blog hahahaha

  19. ajay says:

    Hope your hearing tests went fine, or else paano na ang future karaoke sessions natin? I have a new hairdo and got sick too amiga. But for someone like you who went thru the grinder, you sure did a lot. regards to you and jher..mwah:)

  20. Lyka Bergen says:

    Bunggit ang haircut! Mhin ang datesh! Baklang Bad Boy ang dating ng last pic-pic ha!

    Pssssst! Dinig mo ba ketch?

  21. duke says:


    YA HEAR ME?!!?!!

    ay bingi.

  22. atticus says:

    bwahaha! ang salbahe talaga ni duke.

  23. br0wn_c0w says:

    This happened to me last 2004. One month din akong bingi. To say that it was hell is an understatemnt!!!

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