Hot, Spicy, Delicious Tidbits About Bridget’s Past Week

I’m baaaaaaaaaccckkkk!  (cue record scratch)  But not for long.  I’ll be leaving soon.  I am in the middle of finalizing a training manual but I missed blogging so I squeezed this very short yet succulent teaser in.  Kahit mapuyat ako at ako pa ang opening resource person sa training tomorrow!  Hah!  Bahala na si Batman!  Here it goes:


If you liked the angel pics, wait till you see my latest photos taken by my trusted steed, este, fag hag pala (hehehe) in Samal Island and Davao’s Jack’s Ridge…


I hate durian… I’m sorry Davao and Davaoenos.  I love the people, the places, but not durian.  To each his own.  But I am using “hate” here not accompanied by a pa-sosyal laugh and hampas on the arm plus tuck the hair behind the ear.  No.  I hate it…


As my friend said (serious sya nung ginamit nya to, mga kapatid)… “Let’s BULLETIZE this…” (rolls in laughter at the thought of “bulletizing” something)

  • Jher spent the weekend at home
  • Downloaded porn
  • Previewed it on my laptop
  • Mom suddenly appeared out of nowhere
  • Husband confidently clicks the “x” on the upper-right hand corner
  • It doesn’t respond
  • Jher panics coz mom’s already inside the room
  • Hurriedly closes the screen, fiddles on the wirings behind the laptop while delivering an Oscar-winning improptu monologue:  “I can’t seem to fix the damn internet connection.”  Goes on and on…and on…and on…and on…and on….about wirings….until:
  • Mom leaves the room
  • Jher and I had sex…charoooossss!!!  We just shared a laugh, ano ba mga bastos?!?!?!?!?


I met a cute, smart, extremely funny guy in Davao and has the sexiest goatee I’ve ever seen.  And… (well, this is not a teaser for nuthin’.  Jher’s gonna kill me…)

All this and more….before I leave for Cebu on Sunday…..

I love you, guys!!!!  (butterfly kisses to everyone)

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16 Responses to Hot, Spicy, Delicious Tidbits About Bridget’s Past Week

  1. annabanana says:

    jerome my dear!
    at sino ang girlalooh na sumagot ng fone mo? may permiso ba ni darling jher yan? hmmm..i tried to call you, miss na kasi kita…pero busy ka nga raw nagpa facilitate! love this entry and yes, await ko ang mga pics!

  2. jher says:

    hahahahahahaha omg classic talaga yon. si mowdra naman kasi eh! 😛

  3. Jennie says:

    Hahaha! Diyahe yan! 😀

  4. tetay says:

    Hahaha! Di ba nakahalata si mommy?

  5. ice says:

    welcome back…. we miss you.. hehehehe

  6. snglguy says:

    Oo nga, bastos. More! more! 😀

  7. Lani says:

    Sigurado bang nagsasabi ka ng totoo? Si mudra mo talaga KJ, naiimagine ko ang itsura na Jher, hilong talilong siguro (hehehe)

  8. KELLY CARSON says:


    MOM ENTERING THE ROOM SUDDENLY WHILE WATCHING PORNO: Happened to me before. The damn thing just decided to fuck up when you are in a state of panic.

    BEING BASTOS: Yes. In truthness.

    SEX: That too.

    YOU are a multi-talented, hilarious creation of Divine-ness. Hmmm….

  9. K says:

    And I don’t like Durian too. Amoy pawis sa Kili Kili. Hehehe.

  10. melai says:

    hahahahahaha!!! dedma si mudra as if naniwala siya kay fafa jher 🙂

    hmmnn ayaw mo ng durian, samantalang dito may durian festival pa

  11. Dinna says:

    Jerome, all this traipsing around the country — jetsetter talaga! Can’t wait to read the details.. we miss you.. MWAH!!!!

  12. Vince says:

    laughing out load! nope, just wondering 🙂

  13. Vince says:

    sorry, wrong spelling “laughing out loud” pala hehehe

  14. Lyka Bergen says:

    Could you make bilis naman. Natawa na aketch sa tidbits pa lang. Tseh!

  15. My god that is so funny. So u were going to watch porn and try to emulate with Jher? That is hot! lol

  16. ade says:

    Dammit. That was a classic.

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