In Davao – But I Left My Heart in Manila

Hi, blogfriends!  Thank you for your comments in the Laura Nyro entry which from the looks of it, you were entertained. (takes a bow)

Anyway, I just came from husband’s house and I just finished packing.  Be leaving for Davao later to run a training and I’ll be staying there up to Friday.  I am gonna miss the one I love.

To all my friends who have visited Jher’s post with our video, thank you for being part of our life.  Sorry for the harassment ha?  (To Melai of Manilenya:  Oo na, oo na!  Nag-bloghop ako para lang i-announce, mare.  Anong magagawa ko devah?  Ang saya-saya ko eh.)  I just can’t contain myself I had to announce to all my blogfriends how happy I am.  (sigh)  Jher made me cry, and I still cry when I see the video or hear our song.  Well.  What can I say?  As Deborah Kerr in “An Affair to Remember” said, “Beauty does that to me.”

I was tempted to answer Jher via his blog or mine.  But finally I decided, this time, my message of love to him will be personal…

I love you all.  And I love you, darling…I’m gonna miss you!  I’ll see you on Saturday… 

(butterfly kisses to everyone)

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15 Responses to In Davao – But I Left My Heart in Manila

  1. karol says:

    ingat sa davao!!! enjoy! i wanted to recommend a resto, kaya lang bigla kong nakalimutan! haha! isipin ko muna. hehe! happy anniversary! naiingit ako sa video nayon. sana maging ganun din si fafa! haha

  2. bananas says:

    Sana mag enjoy ka sa siyudad namin. Ikaw na…

  3. atticus says:

    enjoy sa davao! at ikumusta mo ako kay duterte. sabay ilag ka. 🙂

  4. annabanana says:

    ingat and enjoy! hugs!

  5. Vince says:

    Napadaan lang po…

    Anindot na gyud muuli ug Davao ron…


  6. Bong says:

    I read your msg in my blog and I meant to respond – but as usual, something got in the way. But I did see that video last thursday and was touched that my friend has finally let it all hang out. And I am very happy for the both of you. I look forward to more anniversaries.



  7. ate sienna says:

    vhaklah!!! Sobrang happy naman ako dun sa videyo ng dyowa mo por yu. eto nga, may tears of joy din ako 🙂

    ako man ang bigyan ng ganun ni bossing ko, sister, talagang crayola na ako to the max. Mistula sigurong pareho tayo ng drama, girl! Pramis! Kaya naman napa-emote ako sa comment ko kay Jher… It really makes me happy to see couples like yourselves na openly celebrating life and love! I’m so proud of that for you 🙂

    Basta, happy anniv na lang. at mag-ingat sa davao! kumain ka ng panga ng tuna, sobrang sarap – parang sex! mwahahahaha!!!!

  8. Lani says:

    Ingat-ingat sistah. Alam ko mamimiss mo ang iyong hubby pero pag-uwi bawi ka. Ganda talaga ng video at happy anniversary my dear.

  9. melai says:

    pssstt mare ….. diyan ang durian diba teka diyan nga ba?anuyan\? anniv nyo naglayas ka\/ tsk tsk tsk tsk iniwan mo na naman si fafa jher ku

  10. K says:

    Enjoy the province.

  11. snglguy says:

    Awww, am too late! I was just gonna tell you that you’ve been tagged. Have a good trip anyways. 🙂

  12. redjeulle says:

    i don’t know Jher personally so dito ko na lang kayo babatiin, Happy 22nd! I hope you have the rest of your lives together, and if I can find even a tenth of what you two have, I’ll be a very lucky person.

    [sniff, sniff]

  13. Lyka Bergen says:

    Kumain at kumain ka ng durian!!! Enjoy!

  14. ice says:

    hoist… CITY KO YAN HA… ANO GAGAWIN MO DYAN… DAPAT BAGO KA PUMUNTA TNXT MO AKO KASI … HEHEHEH visit ka naman blog ko may probs ako…


  15. jenn says:

    hi! tagal ko na di nakavisit ng blog mo. hope you had a good time in davao…

    just wrote to tell you i had a dream with you and tintin and jher in it. it was weird coz i never really met you guys, except for tintin who’s been a friend for so long. and i only realized it was you when i woke up. neway, must have been a sign that i’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a while til now.

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