Men are from Mars After All…

I don’t know why but there is something about men holding babies that is so adorable and sexy at the same time. Hahahahaha! Si daddy lang pala ang tinitingnan, queber na sa babies. (rolls in laughter)

Kidding aside, these past few days I grew fond (more like obssessed) of searching for pictures of fathers and sons. I thought of the following reasons why I’m in this zone:

  • My passion for raising awareness on gender issues never died and was even fueled by the Gani Cruz column. Hence, I looked for pictures of men doing things that are not “normally” what society dictates them to do. I just happen to focus on men with their babies and how their faces also light up when they hold their babies, that would give moms a run for their money.
  • If memory serves me right, I do not have a picture with my father. (sniff)
  • Last Wednesday night, Jher and I were at San Francisco Coffee in Robinson’s Manila testing my laptop for Wi-Fi chuvachenelyns (kainez, di ba? hindi ko alam ang tawag sa ginawa ni husband. Buset.). This baby suddenly approached our table and kept on begging for attention. Jher took photos of us. The baby boy kept on “talking” to me and even gave me a kiss! Aaaaaawwww! It was so sweet, my blogfriends. Sigh. I carried the baby boy and had our picture taken (while the ladies at the next table looked over at us, seemingly asking with cloud callout: Ano ang ginagawa nya sa anak ko? hahahahaha!)
  • And lastly, I think listening to Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father” just had a profound effect on me. Here are the father and child pics I downloaded, which I made into a movie…stay with ok? (butterfly kisses to everyone)

Sigh.  (wipes tears)  We men are soooo misunderstood….(sniff)

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23 Responses to Men are from Mars After All…

  1. ice says:

    i love tha clip… and the song as well.. you remind me of my father again.. pinaiyak mo na naman ako… musta…?

  2. annabanana says:

    ay dear, ang imo nga maternal instincts lumalabas na! i happen to have a very strong bond with my papa (as in tatay ko talaga ha!), and yes, im the type of person din na naiiyak when i see a father (or mother) baby scene…haaay! miss na kita..grabe! mwah!

  3. K says:

    Now I miss my Pops. He passed away 6 years ago, JC. 😦

  4. Toni says:

    Paano mo ginawa yan? Ang galing! Gaganda rin ng pics. Sniff, sniff. Na-miss ko Daddy ko. Mabisita nga sa weekend.

  5. jher says:

    I love this video. Namimiss ko rin tuloy si pudra. 😦

  6. Jennie says:

    Nice video. And I love your blog 😀

    Wanna exchange links?


  7. Lyka Bergen says:

    Ano ba yan? Lolita ang drama!

  8. snglguy says:

    You made that video yourself? Galing mo, bro… 😀

  9. jcdaclison says:

    ice – its better to remember, di ba bro?

    anna – kurak, kapatid. pero i think its more of the beauty of seeing a man, or a woman for that matter, with a child, their faces lighting up, yun na yun eh…

    k – aaaw, i’m sorry. as i said to ice, its better to remember…

    anna – movie maker ko sya ginawa, toni. i was surprised of myself that i was able to do it! na-adik tuloy ako at lahat na ng ka-officemates ko nagpapagawa na ng ganyan. hahahaha! hoy, visit your dad ha? pramis mo yan…

    jher – i know, husband…(hugs you)

    jennie – thanks, sassy melbournite! gonna link you up na.

    lyka bergen – bakla, may serious side din akez noh. impaktang to…chos. hahahaha!

    snglguy – yup! this is one achievement that involved computers and software where jher didnt help me out. hahahahaha!

    THANK YOU, BLOGFRIENDS. I ENJOYED THAT ENTRY THE MOST, SO FAR…(apart from the Rapunzel Fairy Tale din…hahahaha!)

  10. rose says:

    dunno why it is misunderstood.. parents particularly father.. dapat marunong maghawak ng baby ano.. ava! dafat bah marunong lang gumawa ng baby? dapat marunong ding maghawak ha!

    that was cute,. the baby likes you:P

  11. Lani says:

    Very touching naman ito, sistah. Ikaw talaga, grabe laging may kurot sa puso, wahhhhwahhhh…

  12. redjeulle says:

    it’s something else when you see a father and child, kasi di ba pag mommy and baby given na yun. pero pag daddy ang kasama, nakakatouch…

  13. GARRY says:


    Thank you. I remembered tearfully how much I love my daughters.

  14. KELLY CARSON says:

    Ang ganda ganda…


    Thank you.

    I’m so funny. (Walk out.)

  15. Ang kelly ibang klaseng rampa ang ginawa dito. neways, ganda ng event jerome. ‘syadong drama.

    Ikaw na teh!

  16. jcdaclison says:

    rose – kurak ka jan, ateng. ang lalaki ay hindi dapat nagtatapos ang responsibilidad sa pagiging sperm donor lang. chos! hahahaha! hoy, gurl. nice and blog mo ha. link kta.

    lani – kurot sa singit? hahahahaha!

    redjeulle – i know! buti nga ngayon at may mga companies na like johnson & johnson who promote the fathers with their children para may shift ng gender roles.

    garry – aaaww, it was my pleasure garry. hugs to your daughters, brother.

    kelly – talagang dapat umeksena dito, bakla? hahahaha!

    bananas choking – senti ang mood ko ngayon, gurl…

  17. Joy says:

    I like to see that picture of you with the baby!

    Nice vid… touched naman ako. *teary-eyed*

  18. jcdaclison says:

    Joy – naku thanks ha? yan ang mga tunay na papa di ba? hehehehe.




  19. atticus says:

    waw. na-miss ko ang tatay ko. sa paa niya ako nakatapak tapos isasayaw niya ako sa sala. hay. kaw talaga. *hikbi*

  20. jcdaclison says:

    atticus – ewan ko ba, gurl. when i first conceptualized this entry, i was just aiming at generating a pavlovian response from the yummy papas. ngunit, iba ang nangyari. pati ako na-touch din tuloy…sigh.

  21. Vince says:

    Hi, napadaan lang po and seems i like to become a father of my own kid now :D, ah, lalabas na lang ako rito sa seminary, hahah! tnx for that inspiring post. God bless

  22. tetay says:

    Newbie here sa blog mo. Aliw talaga ko sa mga entries!

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