During Sex….

Cheh! Tips on how to have the best sex is reserved for personal consultation.  Hahahahaha!  But this is a fun activity.  Got this from a Friendster friend.  Let’s play.


Take the title of your favorite song or the song you are listening to right now or a song that you last danced to, then attach the phrase “during sex” after the title of the song.

Let me start as example (syempre bigay ko lahat ng categories pero you can only choose 1 option)

Favorite Song:  These Foolish Things During Sex (smiles naughtily)

Song I’m Currently Listening to:  Dance with My Father During Sex (eeeewwww!!!)

Song that i last danced to:  This is A Song for the Lonely During Sex (hahahaha!  It’s that lousy??? Chos!)

O, game na!

This is a breather for my next post:  The Most Beautiful Men You Have Ever Seen… Mmmmmm, another delicious entry….(wipes drool) hahahaha!

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12 Responses to During Sex….

  1. K says:

    GAMEEEEEE NAAAA! *sumisigaw na ako nyan*

    Favorite Song: “Until You Come Back To Me (During Sex)” – Hil St. Soul (meSings: .. and that’s what I’m gonna do)

    Song I’m Currently Listening to: “Home (During Sex)” – Jed Madela (meSings: When I think of Home… it’s overflowing..)

    Song that i last danced to: “Me & U (During Sex)” – Cassie (meSings: .. ya’v been waiting so long..)

  2. Lyka Bergen says:

    Favorite Song: Alanis Morrisette’s Head Over Feet… during sex (Aaaay! Fetish ang feet!)

    Currently listening to: The Concretes’ Say something new… during sex (Gosh! Ano ba yan?)

    Last danced to: REM’s Stand…during sex (Mahirap gawin to! Very tiring to!)

  3. ice says:

    Favorite song: Sarah Mclahclan – I will remember you.. during sex (having sex with somebody.. malandi)

    Currently listening to: Lost in your eyes.. during sex.. (u r very good in…hehehe)

    Last danced: Push the button

  4. ladybug says:

    Wow! Exciting game…let’s see…

    Favorite song: Someone to Watch Over Me…during sex (Aayyyy….di ko yata feel ito)

    Currently listening to: Bad Day…during sex (Ayyyy, mas di ko feel ito…hahaha)

    Finally, song that I last danced to: Sandalan…during sex (sounds kinky…hahaha).

  5. snglguy says:

    Favorite Song: “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head”… during sex.

    Song I’m currently listening to: “I Don’t need you Anymore”… during sex.

    Song that I last danced to: (Err, I don’t remember…. sorry that was way back in the 80’s pa, hehe.)

  6. annabanana says:

    hahah jerome, ok to ah..
    sandali isip ako…

    fave song: especially for you during sex (uy..parang halo-halo may regular at special!)

    song i’m currently listening to: build me up buttercup during sex (hah! build me up ha!)

    song i last danced to: my sharona during sex (ay sino si sharona?!—imbeyerna tuloy ako!)

  7. ade says:

    fave song: Someone to Watch Over Me (during sex)

    song i’m currently listening to: My Funny Valentine (during sex)

    song i last danced to: That’s All (during sex)

    OMGLOLZ that was so wrong

  8. Lani says:

    Eto naman ang sa akin, naughty sistah.

    fave song: You Must Love Me (during sex), siempre naman dapat lang.

    song I’m currently listening to: You Raise Me Up (during sex), up na up ha, pero parang overweight ako mahirap gawin.

    song i last danced to: My Hump (during sex) bwahahahahahhaha…..

  9. duke says:

    ok subok subok tayo..

    fave song: (regine v.) Say That You Love Me during sed. aaaaw..swet.

    song currently listning to: (beatles) The Long and Winding Road during sex. nyaks, so much foreplay.

    song i last danced to. i don’t dance. pero nun elementary….(george michael) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go during sex. nyahahah!

  10. redjeulle says:

    Fave Song: Moonriver During Sex (walang sense bakla)

    Song Currently Listening to: What a Wonderful World During Sex (wonderful talaga)

    Song I last Danced to: Borderline During Sex (walang kwenta)

    Tanungin mo ko ulit bukas, baka mas masaya ang sagot ko.

  11. Toni says:

    Ooooh nice! Try natin:

    Favorite Song: The Best of Me During Sex (PANALOOOOO!!! I’d give my all sabi nga ni Mariah)

    Song I’m Currently Listening to: Baby I Love Your Way During Sex (Wooohooo!!!)

    Song that I last danced to: … ay not applicable dahil di ko na maalala kung kelan ako huling dumance.

  12. KELLY CARSON says:

    Favorite Song: Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me DURING SEX (Mid-Day Fucker?)

    Song I’m currently listening to: Cant Take That Away DURING SEX (AH? HAHAHAHA. DILDO GAGAH!)

    Song That I last Danced To: Time of My Life DURING SEX (Huh?)

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