Bridget Jones – Master of the Universe, Master in Government Management

This is Bridget Jones, student under Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila’s Graduate School of Management via the Master in Government Management (MGM) program. Why government management? Well…

  • In our unit (Training and Consulting), our experience is more of public health. Me, my technical expertise is on reproductive health or RH (specifically family planning, maternal and child health, STI/HIV-AIDS, adolescent RH) and tuberculosis using DOTS as a strategy, primarily focused on capability building of program implementers and program installation both for the private and the PUBLIC sector. Hence, MGM. But why not masters in public health (MPH)? Well…
  • In our unit, my immediate superior has an MPH under his belt. My other co-Program Officers have MA’s in development communication, development management, research and evaluation. There is NO person specializing in LGU governance. Hence, MGM. So what di ba? Well…
  • Foreign funded projects will come in this year and next year to deal with policy on reform, strengthening local governance, and strengthening public health management at the local level. Health is under the governance of local government unit brought about by devolution (decentralization). More projects plus a dearth of people with technical expertise on public health AND local governance…equals more opportunity for Bridget Jones! As the projects come in and I get to finish my MGM next year (5 trimesters only!), gonna take my MPH. Talk about cornering the market ei? Bring out the benjies! Cha-ching! Fashizzle, mah nizzle! (chos!)

O, di ba? I am so excited to go back to school! (skips and hops) I need to buy masters students’ “must-haves”. (giggles in excitement)

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4 Responses to Bridget Jones – Master of the Universe, Master in Government Management

  1. jher says:

    congrats! dont forget to buy cutsie metal pencil cases and notebooks with manilyn reynes and janno gibbs on the cover. lol

  2. congratulations! i am also excited to go back to school here as well. OMG you are going to meet some cute guys at school!

  3. Lani says:

    Uhhhmmm,,, lagot ka kay Jher kapag nakipag-chikaflirt ka sa mga cute guys.

    Enjoy school ha.

  4. jher says:

    subukan nya lang na makipag flirt. at walang kyut guys sa school na yon.

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