Men are…. (pause) Women are… (another pause)

First time I watched TROY yesterday and I was glued! (adamantly) No, not because of Brad Pitt’s god-like body and ass that’s smooth as a baby. I am not like that, you freakos! (pauses as everyone glares at me while crickets chirp) sige na nga…slight lang. Hmph. Anyway, I was so fascinated with the story line. What prevented me from watching it before was I listened to these people saying, “oh god. it was just about a war erupted because of Helen who wasnt even THAT beautiful”. But watching it made me slap myself (oooww) for not being able to watch it on the big screen. It was fascinating to watch love, honor, courage unfold and unravel.

Although, what fascinated me more was the thought of…well, in the words of Odysseus, “women have a way complicating things.” (maybe that’s why I’m now batting for the other team? Hehehe!) I’ve been thinking about this pattern ever since Eve took that apple and poor Adam getting into trouble. Whoever coined the phrase, “behind every man’s success is a woman” should be kicked in the nuts (or if it was a woman who said that, let’s kick her in the…uuhh *scratches head*). Well, let’s see the following examples, shall we?

Samson’s doom was because of Delilah who cut his long, soft, beautiful …more like tthhhhirty something hair

Ferdinand Marcos’ downfall was due to his power hungry, Paris Hilton-esque shopaholic wife…oh I’m sorry, she did it for beauty nga pala daw and she wants all Filipinos to appreciate beauty…sorry po, madam!

Superman gave up his superpowers for his love over the beautiful, then-still-sane Lois Lane (whoa, it rhymed) which put the earth in great peril in the hands of the evil Zarcon and the guy with huge jaws and Liza Minnelli

Spiderman threw his spidey costume in an alley one dark, rainy night just to be with his woman and the world was in chaos in the hands of Dr. Octopus.

NOW, who said women are the weaker sex??? What does this tell us, men? But before we go into that, let’s visit what Achilles (whose downfall was caused by him falling in love with the enemy’s cousin, Briseis) told Briseis, “You changed me. You brought me peace.”

So, depending on your take on all of this, you complete the title…

MEN are….
WOMEN are…

If you can add to the examples, please do.

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8 Responses to Men are…. (pause) Women are… (another pause)

  1. ade says:

    Well, women make men crazy. =P

  2. toni says:

    *crickets chirping*

  3. karol says:

    Women are God’s gift to men.
    Men are nothing without the women in their lives. Haha!
    Bridget! Na-miss din kita!!!

  4. snglguy says:

    MEN are horny, but WOMEN are wiser… why? Because women use their heads to think, while men use their dicks. Am I right? LOL! 😀

  5. annabanana says:

    hmmm…what can i say? wala nothing comes to mind, im in the middle of a tremendous power play with hubby, and im afraid that id be the resident bitch here if i fill in those blanks. thanks god youve updated..miss you so much! have a good week, bridget!

  6. ethnic scrap says:

    MEN are… male
    WOMEN are… female

  7. jher says:

    men are from mars… women are from the bowels of hell… chos!!!

  8. tintin says:

    hi bridget! nice to see you back. i’m back na rin. hehe 🙂

    now to your complete the title…

    Men are smart…but
    Women are smarter. 🙂


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