Welcome Back, Everyone!

Hehehehe! Is it leik, buhligtahd? Nyahahahahaha! Alright, alright. No, I’m not on drugs and no there was no reported nitrous oxide leak in Laguna. I’m just happy that I am welcoming everyone back into my life. I missed you all! Heniway, here are some newsbits slash random thoughts:

The 600-Million Peso Proposal

Yep. This is the reason for my blog hibernation (ala Over the Hedge? Hihihihi!). Currently working on a huge project amounting to cha-cheeeng! 600-M php! Been working my ass off with our team for this 5-year project. Imagine, for the past week, meetings lasting up to 9 hours and two scheduled on a Saturday and double header meetings! Sigh. Hope we get the project. Fingers crossed!

The Da Vinci Code

Ugh. As you may have read in mah babe’s blog, it was not as good as I thought it would be. (sort of reminded me of Schindler’s List. Di ba?) The thought of the brouhaha behind it was even more exciting. Coming from someone who has not read the book, it was really below expectations. I’m tempted to make a review about the film but I won’t. All I can say is, I was fascinated by the theories presented in the film. Hmm…I just had a great idea for a blog entry! Light bulb moment!

An Affair to Remember

My nth time to watch “An Affair to Remember” and still, I cried like hell! I had a thought last night which I mistakenly ran through Jher: wouldn’t it be fascinating to experience to be confused over the one you’re with and the one that you love? (Now…imagine Jher’s reaction. Hahahahaha!)

Bridget Jones, Outstanding Librarian of the Year

Now, this section is all about books I am currently reading and those that I recently gave as a gift to someone. Let me start with the books that I have just finished and currently reading:

The Goddess Within

And speaking of women, I read all over again this little book called, THE GODDESS WITHIN. It contains lots of quotable quotes from women of all forms and stature. I’m gonna do a separate blog on this. Here’s its introduction: “The goddess exists in every woman- she is , always has been, and always will be a vital presence in our world.Her spirit shines through the words and actions of theentire family of womanhood. Captured here in this wonderfully illustrated volume are inspiring thoughts fromtoday’s brightest and boldest women. Read their words and let the inspiration flow.”

Left Behind

The first book I read where I was literally shocked on the first 15 pages and just made me read through and finish. Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye just made me think, IS THERE REALLY A “SECOND COMING”? The concept of being left behind scared the shit out of me. (oh crap. i cursed)

Books I gave:

Mothers and Sons

I gave my mom this book as a Mother’s Day gift…with an inscription of course which made her cry and her friend cry even more because of its sweetness. I actually asked her to write something about her thoughts about our relationship. I told her if she does this, I’m gonna post it on my blog as an entry. Fingers crossed!

The Pilot’s Wife

Bought Jher a book for his reading pleasure. Wala na sya mabasa eh. I was intrigued by the book’s blurb and the fact that it made it to Oprah’s Book Club. It explores the question: “How well do you know your partner?” Very appropriate to us! (laughs) Hope you enjoy the book, babe. Mwah! P.S. And of course, I bought Jher a hard-bound copy of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. I lost the copy he lent to me. (buti nga kasi bigay ng ex nya…este, friend nya pala)

Well, that’s it for the meantime. Oh, please wait for the next entry of “He Said, He Said”. We’re currently working on a better, kick-ass entry. We had a hard time deciding on the next entry. The “Lovers in the City of Pines” entry was a tough act to follow eh. Till then!

Acknowledgment: www.amazon.com for the book covers

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8 Responses to Welcome Back, Everyone!

  1. jher says:

    Husband! Thanks sa books. Loved it! 🙂

  2. melai says:

    at ano naman ang book na ibibigay mo sa kin pag- uwi ko aber?

  3. Toni says:

    You’re back! Missed your entries, Bridget!

  4. snglguy says:

    Hey, welcome back. Been a while since you last updated. 🙂

  5. jher – you are very welcome, babe. although i see you have not been reading it. (cutely pouts)

    melai – aba, mare. parang buhlihgtad yata. ikaw yata ang dapat may pasalubong sa akon pag-uwi mo noh. sige, kaliwaan na lang. lol.

    toni – thanks, mare! been very busy with work. super toxic.

    snglguy – thanks, pards! i think its better din coz i get to amass tons of stories that i could tell you. hehehehe.

  6. annabanana says:

    pambihira, i have been frequenting yours and jher’s blog nagbabakasakali na may update—i really miss ya, girlfriend!
    kumusta na? hey, goodluck on the project, sana nga makuha nyo yung deal. i love the book choices that you have, i also love reading, and ive read “the pilot’s wife” and of course bridget jones. ill try barnes and noble for the goddess within.
    have agreat weekend, bridget! hugss!

  7. Lani says:

    Hay, salamat naman at nagparamdam ka. Lagi ako visit dito sa blog mo, miss na kita.

    I hope makuha mo iyong deal, good luck!

    Ako man si mommy mo mata-touch din. Very sweet ang kanyang si Bridget.

    Marami ngang nagsabi na disappointed sila sa Da Vinci Code (movie). Marami lang intriga kaya pinasok sa sinehan. Pero ok naman sa akin ang book, naintriga kasi ako, hehehe.

    Take care and oo nga pala nalungkot ako doon sa nangyari sa father mo, Aba, 5 years di kayo nagkita tapos nawala na siya. My papa died last 1994.

  8. melai says:

    heheheh mahal kasi dito.. kaya ayaw kita pasalubungan lol!!!

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