To Julia, Goodbye; To those who kidnapped her…

Last Sunday morning, I woke up with the news that two men in a tricycle kidnapped my dog, Julia. My heart broke seeing mom cry from losing Julia. This is the second time that she has lost her best friend. Julia is very special since she knows how to react to non-verbal communication. She reacts to a smile, a wrinkled forehead, and funny faces. We actually think she’s human. My best memory of her is when she wants to play fetch, she appears in my room with her favorite stuffed bear in her mouth. (oh god, i just cried…)

Anyway, I know she’s in doggie heaven. And besides, she left us with her son, Chucky.

To those who kidnapped my dog, I HOPE JULIA KILLS YOU BACK……(and I’m not being funny)

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13 Responses to To Julia, Goodbye; To those who kidnapped her…

  1. jher says:

    I love you Julia. You’re the best dog I ever had, and I don’t even own you. Thank you for the many happy memories, especially those times when you fetch my socks out of my shoes. You have brought so much joy to my second family. I know you are in doggie heaven now. I really wish the people who took you will go to hell.

  2. snglguy says:

    Those guys who dognapped her could just be living nearby. People who treat dogs this way ought to be hung high and dry then skinned alive…

    Sorry if I’m being emotional here. You see, we have a dog too, Arabella’s her name. And I’d shoot anyone who would try to mess with her.

    I’m very sorry for you and your Mom’s loss Jerome. But then, Karmic laws has a way of getting back at these sorry excuse for human beings…

  3. i was very emotional, snglguy. you need not apologize. i love Julia. i dont care what other people would say but she’s been with me through the good and bad times. i remember the time i cried in frustration from a crappy day, she just came to me and rested her head on my leg, looking at me with those round eyes as if saying, “don’t cry. just look at me and i know you’re gonna smile.” I did smile. 😦

  4. annabanana says:

    aaaw, jerome this post made me cry! salbahe naman nung mga dognappers na yun…di bale may katapat ding parusa yung mga yun!
    cheer up, sweetie! julia wouldn’t want you to be sad! hugs and kisses from tildy and me!

  5. Sidney says:

    Sorry, to hear about your dog.
    I just wonder, why do people kidnapp dogs?

  6. Lani says:

    Mga walanghiyang dognapper iyan, sana kunin na sila ni Dark Lord. Kakalungkot naman talaga. Alam mo minsan dahil sa pinaggagawa ng mga patay-gutom sa dog-meat na mga taong iyan, iniisip ko na sana magkapalit ang mundo. Sila na ang ipupulutan ng mga aso, imbes na asozena, taozena na.

    I’m really sorry, Jerome.

  7. babe – i didnt know you took another picture of her!!! hwaaaaa!

    anna – thanks, dear. you should’ve seen my mom. grabe ang hagulgol. sobra talagang salbahe yung mga yun. basta. thanks! hugs u and tildy back.

    sidney – well, i think its more of the dogeaters. they think dogs are just like any other livestock that they can eat. its a whole different culture these dogeaters. there was a fiesta in one of the barangays here in our place so i think they were on a hunt that morning for free meat. so unfortunate that it was my dog. tsk.

    lani – i just wish they’d turn into stray dogs, tapos kidnap-in din sila ng mga katropa nila na namulutan k julia.

  8. ade says:

    what the…?!

    I certainly hope Julia does kill them back.

    man, that was sick.


    Go haunt them in their dreams!

  10. Toni says:

    Grabe ang sama nun ha. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about Julia.

  11. curacha says:

    Nakow! Azucena na yun my dear ! Sama noh, mag-iiniman ang mga devil na yun wala naman pala pambili pulutan. Mag-LBM sana sila !

    Thanks for dropping-by at my site.

  12. Doinee says:

    Man, there are too many lowlives in this world. Tsk.

    I’m sorry if this’ll come off insensitive but do people still eat dogs? Hasn’t it been made illegal na?

    Either way, dognapping naman is illegal na on its own.

    Ang daldal ko. Sorry for the loss. I’d be devastated, too, if some hampas lupa (tm Cherie Gil) dognapped my baby.

  13. jan says:

    hi! got here thru annabananing’s blog. naalala ko tuloy ulit yung dog namin nuon who was killed after eating poisoned bread when sumone tried to rob our house. bhuhuhu 😦
    ewan ko ba after that I never wanted to have a pet again. all I can remember was how hurt I was when I saw our dog dying. I wasn’t even 10 years old then.

    makagat sana cla ng rabies infected dog!~ ^~^

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