The Great Reveal (Results of the Perception Exercise)

Hello, my loves! A galactic explosion of gratitude to everyone who took time to participate in this perception exercise. (kneels on one knee and bows head) …I shall forever be grateful, kind Sires and Mesdames.

Okay, now that the drama is over, here’s the much-awaited reveal (cue horn section of the twenty-piece orchestra):

This picture was taken while unwinding in Seattle’s Best (pronounced as Shatels Bes, mind you) after he and his team participated in a wedding exhibit chorva in Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. Most of your comments were hotels, so it kinda had an effect on your perception of his job.

This is my very dear friend, DYLAN (visit his blog). He is only 30 years old and works as an English Editor in a multinational company involved in the BPO industry. He is single (special mention to Quotidian who even said that his cue is “no ring”) and has no children yet. What he has is a partner. Yup. 5 out of 9 comments actually said that he’s gay or bisexual and a couple of “either way’s” and ajay even said that she can just “smell” it. What is it that gives it away? I would love to hear your feedbacks on this. Most of you and the people who have seen this picture also said that he is either not happy, frustrated, or disappointed. Why? I’ve mentioned this to Dylan. My dearest Donnie, maybe you would want to join in after they commented?

FYI, he loves watching movies and writing. He has 1,000+ titles in his dvd collection and he generously lent me 22! Walang sinabi ang Video City, mga ineng. Grabe! He also loves to cook and he has a newly-adopted cute Pomeranian puppy named Turnip!

This picture was taken at the Hongkong wharf after a day’s shopping…or more appropriately, buying.

This is my very dear and loving sister, GILDA. Yup she’s my sister so to all those who perceived her in a negative way I’m gonna hunt you down and beat the crap out of you. Joke lang. Hehehe! Okay, she’s only 25 years old but to tell you the truth, people who see this picture thought she was older. She’s the Group Merchandising Head for one of the more popular department stores in the country. She frequents China so drops by at Hongkong on her flight back to Manila (that’s why she’s there). Anyway, OFW and software/IT chuva are the most common reactions to this picture. She’s single, has no children, and just broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years. Maybe that’s why most people also think that she’s sad? I also tell her that her eyes somehow tell it all. Although, now she exhibits a more vibrant aura since she already met her “replacement” when she played ninang to her ex-boyfriend’s sister’s first baby’s christening. And we had a ball talking about The Encounter! Oh, I just love her.

This picture was taken outside the conference venue in Thailand. Taking a breather. And to my float and quotidian, nobody took his lunch…it was just plain hot and sunny. He didn’t have any feelings whatsoever here. But 100% of the people who have seen and commented on this as part of the exercise say the same thing…that he’s often in a crappy mood, snobbish, and unpleasant. Well…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the love of my life, JEROME! (applause) Babe, results so far as far as people’s perception about your orientation? 80% say that you are straight and married! Shet, may madedenggoy ka pa! Hahahaha! Anyway, he is 32, single but definitely attached to the most beautiful person in the world…both inside and out. He has no children (unless for some miracle he has grown a uterus and gave birth or something). He works as a Program Officer/IEC and Advocacy Specialist with a non-government organization based in Makati who’s mandate is health. (Ain’t that grand? Both of us are Jeromes who work in social development. Freaky.) Anyway, people always say that he is unpleasant, always in a crappy mood, and irritated. Well, it is true, my friends. But that’s first impression, if I haven’t given him a second look, I will not be this happy (cue audience: Aaaaaaaw!). He actually loves “manly” things more than I do. He’s into cars, technology, gadgets, and he is a very good electrician and carpenter. (Mmm-mmm-mmm. You wouldn’t believe how I enjoy watching him install a light fixture or the lock on my bedroom door. Hahahahaha!)

This is a picture lifted from (thank you to So, to all of you who said that she’s in a TV show and being interviewed, you are right. Maybe because of the background and her eye line?

Anyway, this is Christine. She is 50 years old and she has a daughter named Noelle. She is formerly a man named, Dick, and finally decided after years of misery to undergo gender re-assignment surgery. Now Christine, she was interviewed in Oprah for an episode entitled “Husbands Who Became Women”. (Click . Librarian, Teacher/Professor, and Principal are the most common descriptions to this picture. Why? And to quotidian, why CEO?


Hey friends, did you know that this exercise is more about YOU than how you describe the pictures? Yup! It is a version of the projective technique called, the Thematic Apperception Test”. If you go back to your comments, you will see that at some subconscious level, you have just described your past and present experiences or your current feelings. You have just given yourself a third-person perspective of a part of you.

I had fun, my loves! Thank you for your participation. Remember, “All it takes is a second look for us to see the real beauty of things.” – Jerome C. Daclison

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14 Responses to The Great Reveal (Results of the Perception Exercise)

  1. melai says:

    waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!nabasa kaya ni jher yung perception ko sa pic niya?? lanya gwapo ng babes mo panga makalaglag P gwabeh!!!kurutin kita sa singit pag iiwan mo pa yan lol!!!—di pala siya ang maghahanap sa kin ….ako pala maghahanap sa kanya lol!

  2. melai says:

    nakalimutan kong sabihin, sinugod ako ni Dylan sa blog ko ….kala ko sasabunutan ako ..di naman..mabait na bata naman pala…ask ko lang kung talagang me balak talaga siyang mag macho dancer lol!

  3. hoy, bruha! kurak ka jan. tawa lang kami ng tawa ni jerome. susme talaga. si dylan, wag mong alalahanin at ok naman yun. ayan, dalahira ka kasi, gang! ahahahahaha!

  4. melai says:

    dapat lang na mag-ingles ako kongresista daw si Teddy e lol!
    susme kaya pala inlab na inlab ka e katakam-takam lalabs mo… tawa ko ng tawa dito grabeh..nabaliw ako ke jher wahehehehehe!!!

  5. Melai, I was actually offered to that job sa BIG PAPA Bar sa Domestic Road. Sabi nga ng Floor Manager, ” Sir, alam niyo? Kung pumayat-payat lang po kayo ng kaunti, pwedeng pwede kayong maging dancer!!!”

    if life becomes more difficult than it already is, I might remind him of his offer soon enough. But wait, gym harkens! Anon!

  6. Erase “to”. Grrr. English Editor pa naman ako.

  7. melai says:

    ok lang yan Dylan, mas naiintindihan ko ang maling ingles kesa sa tama 🙂
    kasi di ako nunong ingles e 🙂

    pag nakuha mo yung work
    pasabihan mo ko ha!!
    me kakilala kasi akong mahilig sa macho dancer e

  8. Lani says:

    Ewan ko ba pero pagkakita ko pa lang sa pic ni Dylan feel ko na agad na berde ang dugo niya. I think I saw it in his eyes (sa pic). With Jher naman, ewan ko di ko nabuking. Papable pala si fafah mo talaga.

    Beautiful ang sis mo, ha parang ikaw. You know what, iyong Christine sa pic kahawig ni Gabby and KC Concepcion at si Ma. Clara Lobregat (+). Ngayon ko lang napansin na medyo di feminine ang fiz niya.

    I also had so much fun, sarap ng ganito, biglang gumagana ang imagination ko.


  9. Hello, dahling! Hahaha, thanks for visitin my blog. We are a rare, usually misunderstood, breed. Keep in touch, love! 🙂

  10. Toni says:

    Ang galing!!! Naloka ako sa last pic. Loved this exercise!!! Nagpaalam ka ba sa mga talents mo na gamitin ang pics nila sa blog mo? Hehehe.

  11. ade says:

    aba, astig ah!

  12. lani – kakatuwa talaga ang mga reactions dun sa pic nila dylan at jher. pero mas maraming arguments dun sa pic ni dylan. thanks lani ha! always visit! mwah!

    thebitchgoddess – dahlin! as i’ve said, you are my new favorite person. salute to the inner bitch in all of us!

    toni – ay sus. oo naman, gang. nagpaalam ako. pwera sa pero nilagay ko ang site nila. ok na daw yun. miss ya, sis! wait for my entry entitled “It’s a Sign!” and “Boyfriends/Girlfriends”

    ade – oo naman, pre! hehehe.

  13. Sidney says:

    I would match Dylan with your sister Gilda. I think they would make a nice couple and I am sure they would produce beautiful children !

    And I would match Jerome with Christine.
    (Sorry to match your love with someone else).

    So yes I think you didn’t show those people randomly. I guess in your subconscious you matched those people already! 😉

  14. sidney – Actually, sequential arrangement of pictures plays a factor in how receivers would perceive one and the next, especially if it is during focus group discussions where pictures are being processed and interaction is high.

    As for the suggested pairing, oh no! puh-lease!–>

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