Away from Jerome…and Flirting…

O, mga nanlilimahid at punong-puno ng libag na pag-iisip! Bago gawan ng chismis, heto muna….

I’m in Cagayan de Oro as of this writing (2:40 p.m.). Pit stop for our journey towards Malaybalay City in Vukidnon (“V” talaga…). Anyway, I’m here at an internet shop in the Robinson-Limketkai chuvanes center with my work friend, Reno. We’re waiting for our ride so we decided to surf.

While Reno chatted on mIRC (tama ba?), I decided to use the webcam on my yahoo messenger (ID: jcd2010). Would you believe its my first time to use a web cam? I was so amazed, I kept on looking at myself then back at the webcam just like those people in the mall passing by a video cam shop tapos nakahook ang video cam sa isang tv…pag nakita, kunyari hindi lilingon…uuuuy! Hahahahaha! Meron, babalik pa talaga. Haaay. I just love technology. Teka, tumawag na ang sundo namin. Bye! Enjoy! See you in 3 days.


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3 Responses to Away from Jerome…and Flirting…

  1. jher says:

    sama ako!!! hay. don’t forget your medicines. 🙂

  2. Welcome to my former home, Ate!

  3. annabanana says:

    uy, teka..parang nabitin yung kwento..nasan na yung flirting? okay lang yun, when the mouse is away…he’s entitled to flirt! 😀 (nakupow, matatawag na naman akong lukring ni jher nito!—peace, jher!)

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