The Jetsetter Named Jerome Daclison

I am back! and I am sick! Pero I just needed to blog because I missed you all. Jher’s by my side, taking care of me (actually, he’s blogging din, making sure I won’t collapse or whatever). Thanks for all of your messages. I truly love you all. I always look forward to the warmth and sincerity of your messages and your entries most of all. Okay, to answer Melai’s question, eto na ang translation of my being a “superhero”:

I work with a corporate-led NGO called the Phil. Business for Social Progress (PBSP) with offices in Intramuros, Cebu, Samar, Laoag, Leyte, and Davao. You can visit our website if you want: I am a Program Officer/Training Specialist under the Training and Consulting unit of PBSP. We handle different locally and internationally funded projects, two of which are USAID’s Phil. Tuberculosis in the Private Sector (PhilTIPS) and Private Sector Mobilization for Family Planning (PRISM-FP). All the training components of all projects, I’m the guy…the gay guy. Hahahaha. Yes, my loves. All about workplace program installation on family planning, tuberculosis, reproductive health, hiv-aids, I am the guy. Kaya masyadong hectic. Would you believe, I wasnt able to even lay my eyes on the so-called “Fontana Water Park”? I stayed there for 4 days and my route was villa to training vene back to villa. THen I got sick on day 2 of our training. Had the fever but still, I got to take the lead in administering the case exercises and facilitate and run two major sessions. Yeah, kicked ass. Now, my body’s kicking my ass. Anyway, nationwide because a lot of workplaces nationwide want to go on-board these projects. What we do is two levels of technical assistance: capability building and consultancy–all about program management, policy formulation, strategic plannning, training on the technology of participation (formerly TOT), and other TA needs.

This is my far. I’m having a blast. I just hope I could slow down a little bit just to enjoy the scenery that the places I visit can offer.

Ayan, I am slowly becoming three-dimensional to all of you. I’m glad. 🙂


i’ll be leaving for Bukidnon on Tuesday….hmph. sexual deprivation na naman leche….charoooooozzz!

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6 Responses to The Jetsetter Named Jerome Daclison

  1. tintin says:

    hi jerome! welcome back! hmmm, you have an interesting job. does your office give research grants? i’m connected with the research office of a school here in bacolod. we do commissioned research work. just in case na meron, please let me know. maybe we can work together. 🙂

  2. karol says:

    ang saya naman ng work mo! being able to travel. =D

  3. karol says:

    ay…welcome back pala. hehe. =D laguna was great, btw!

  4. tintin – it is very interesting. maybe you should submit an updated CV so that you’ll be included in our consultant’s database. The Research Office can also submit a formal expression of interest to PBSP to be part of our experts pool chuvanes…charing! ahhahahahaha! basta send kayo. i’ll give you a heads up if we need extra pair of hands in that area. I joined a study tour at KABALAKA Foundation two years ago.

    karol – naku, ndi din, mare! Would you believe I wasnt able to swim nga??? sigh… san ka sa laguna pumunta?

  5. karol says:

    ngee, sayang naman ang pools sa fontana. hehe. we went to lb. sa splash oasis kami nag swimming. sarap ng hot spring!!! =D

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi jerome! i recognize you as one of the busy bees during the PHE confab in cebu 🙂 i’m the media relations officer naman of the conference convenor 🙂 but unfortunately we didn’t get to meet. sayang! anyways, nice blog you have here! 🙂

    – irene–>

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