Lost in Translation – (…and Other Memories of Cebu)

I am baaaaaccckk! Yey! I was so busy in Cebu that I was not able to surf the internet. Yes. That’s how toxic my work is…as a superhero, of course. Anyhoooo, I’m satisfied with what I accomplished there. It was my second time to visit Cebu (first time was 2004) and a lot has changed since my last trip. Still lost in translation (where I had a very bad experience during my first visit, that’s another blog) but I enjoyed a lot of firsts and “nths” and new memories during my 5-day stay. Let me share them with you:

(1) First time in Danao City and I love it. I stayed at El Salvador Resort. Very beautiful. I got the room facing the pool and the garden. Loved it! Kaya lang na-mumu ako nung first night (nginiig) I also had an awful nightmare where I was chopped into pieces by a serial killer. (I could taste and smell my blood. *shudders*)

(2) Had a nice session with my all-female training participants. Learned a lot of Cebuano terms. I can understand and speak the dialect! (a minute portion of it anyway)

(3) Danao had only one small mall–a “mall-ette”

(4) Had the best banana split at the resort restaurant.

(5) Japanese general manager and staff of Cebu Mitsumi thought I was Kiko Pangilinan. (blushes)

(6) First time to eat at AA’s in Cebu City! Grabe, walang diet-diet talaga ito.

(7) The beauty of laundry services. Eric surprised me that I will join the project briefing session, I didn’t have any costume left so I got to avail of hotel laundry services for the first time. Cool! I felt like Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” all powerful and snotty.

(8) Mom’s text: I JUST WATCHED BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. IYAK AKO NANG IYAK, SOBRANG GANDA. I THOUGHT OF YOU. WATCH IT WITH JEROME. Cry naman ako at may gay appreciation session na ang mudra.

(9) And of course…a last call from Jher…every night.

I LOVE YOU, BLOG FRIENDS! (butterfly kisses to all) Hey, read my entry on infidelity ha?

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7 Responses to Lost in Translation – (…and Other Memories of Cebu)

  1. tintin says:

    hey jerome! welcome back to the blogging world. 🙂 oo nga, we have (more or less) the same post. i hope you have a nice time at clark naman. 🙂

  2. Susme, tin. Today has been very toxic. Had to re-design the training, kit hasn’t been reproduced as of the moment, and our day 0 is…tomorrow! Ang ganda. Haaaay.

  3. karol says:

    hiya! sarap sa AAs noh? =D there’s another resto there na parang nasa garage lng ng isang bahay and they serve the best grilled scallops. forgot lang the name. tas may turtle soup pa! hehe..btw, tnx for visiting my blog! =D

  4. Wow. Too bad we were an overnight boat trip apart while you were in Cebu. It was originally in my itinerary pero daming work in cdo eh.

    btw, asan na yung blog re using our photos?

  5. karol – sinabi mo! naku, i’ll ask our cebu office about the resto you mentioned so that i can visit.

    dylan – wait lang yung perception exercise. hoy, bruho magkita naman tayo.

  6. i think she meant that Spanish resto in Guadalupe.The name just escapes me at the moment.

  7. jher says:

    magkita naman tayo ka jan. hmph! 😛

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