Now I know why Superman and Spiderman [temporarily] gave up their powers….

I have a secret to tell everyone…I AM A SUPERHERO…

Yes, dear blog friends. My job description is: SAVE THE WORLD. I am a mild-mannered Program Officer in dark-rimmed glasses ala Clark Kent (although more fashionable and fabulous) with a corporate-led non-government organization, who helps people help themselves…one social development project at a time. The feeling of seeing people say “you have helped us in more than one way” is priceless. My superpowers include capacity-building and technical assistance to companies and communities. My friends (who know of my superhero identity) always express their envy with the nature of my job and the travels attached to it. (cue change in musical score from grand to melancholic) …what they do not know is that my heart is filled with loneliness…(cue tight shot of me, single tear falls down from left eye)…

I’m flying to Cebu tomorrow to assist Cebu Mitsumi Inc. in training their in-plant reproductive health educators. Why am I sad despite the thought of being in one of the most beautiful Philippine cities and kick-ass accommodation package? Being there means not being with Jher (Floor director cues audience: “aaaaaawww”). I guess when you are used to spending a lot of time with someone, you also get used to the warm thought of physical presence. Usually, we spend the weekends together at home and ride the bus to office together on Mondays. But today, we had to cut the weekend short. So, I had to maximize today by doing things together: went to the market, prepared lunch (a mean, spicy “Binagoongang Baboy”), and ate lunch. AFter lunch, we snuggled and cuddled and drifted to our afternoon siesta. Then we prepared French toast and coffee for snacks. While he prepared to leave, I got to thinking…now I know why Superman went into the Cryptonite chamber and why Spiderman left his outfit in the alley one rainy night: it is about being trapped…a feeling that we do not have a choice despite the fact that we ALWAYS have a choice–it’s just that we do not want to make it. For us superheroes, it is about the greater good versus another day with my loved ones. Well, as Spiderman’s grandmother said, “with great power comes great responsibilities.”

As I watched Jher’s bus pull away, him waving from the bus’s window and me waving back, I again remembered a line from the movie, “Someone Like You”, there’s something very sad about watching someone leaving you. You watch him walk away…the distance between your bodies becomes bigger and bigger until there’s nothing left…but empty space. Then Spiderman’s grandmother’s words came back to me, “with great power comes great responsibilities.”

I guess it is time to tell Jerome about my secret superhero identity…

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3 Responses to Now I know why Superman and Spiderman [temporarily] gave up their powers….

  1. jher says:

    sabi ko na nga ba ikaw si zsazsa zaturnnah. lol. sweet post my love. mwah! 😉

  2. tintin says:

    hi jerome! i hate goodbyes, too. my hubby always goes on trips because he’s in sales and no matter how many times he goes away (by now i should be used to it), i always feel sad whenever he has to go on a trip. anyway, i hope you have fun in cebu!

  3. ade says:

    he’ll be back. 😉

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