Turning 15 on the 16th – A Screenplay





ME browsing in Friendster in search of a date to end quest for the “real” thing. Was about to give up when…clicks on FURION’s profile and pic.


Hmmm…this one looks well traveled. What is that? A temple in Thailand? Wow. Been to places. He’s kinda cute pero mukhang nakasimangot. Mainitin ang ulo nito. Pero sige, let’s try sending message. (TYPES) Subject Line: Patience is not my virtue…. Message (this is the original friendster message I sent):

> Struck by your profile. You seem to be very
> intelligent, smart, sarcastic, witty, and funny.
> got me at “patience is not my virtue.” Hahaha!
> Forgive me for the Jerry Maguire plagerism. Ey.
> If you’re interested, drop me a line:
> 09182923072. If you want to know how my quirky
> mind works, visit my blogspot:
makeURL(” http://www.aborrowedlife.blogspot.com”,”eHNsL21lc3NhZ2VzLnhzbA==”); www.aborrowedlife.blogspot.com
> I encourage you not to let go of a once-in-a-
> lifetime opportunity to be part of my version
> of “The Amazing Race”….(well, that’s riddled with
> ambiguity and undertones so go and treat yourself
> to the subjectivity of that line. Hahahaha!)
> Hope to hear from you soon.
> Jerome
> P.S.
> Says in your profile you’re a Project Officer. NGO
> work? I’m a Program Officer. If you’re with an
> NGO, then I shall lift my glass and give a toast to
> serendipity.

Okay. Sent. Let’s see if he…(stops and looks at pop-up message: FURION has sent you a message) Wow. That was fast. (opens message *this is his original reply*)

Subject Line: Patience is not my virtue…nor is it mine

You’re wrong, I’m not intelligent, smart and
witty. But yes I am sarcastic and sometimes funny.
It took me ages to complete that profile of mine
and reading your blog just blew me away. Mukhang
matatahimik ako sayo.

But anyway, thanks for your interest. Yes I work
for an NGO as a lowly project officer. kidding.

ME (V.O.)


And yes, patience is not my virtue. So if you try
to be all smart alecky and witty and madaldal to
me I will just walk away. LOL

ME (V.O.)

(giggles)…and witty!

So are you up to it? 09178137723 is my contact

ME (V.O.)

Oh…my…God!!! He gave his number. *kilig*

I’d prefer that you text or call me
first. Makes me feel special in a autistic kind
of way. Hahahah

Hey, we have the same first name btw.



ME (V.O.)

And his name is also Jerome! Now I have to call this guy. (dials number)

JEROME (on the other line)




Uy, nice voice! (speaks) Hello, Jerome? This is Jerome.


Wow! Ang bilis naman. Nasa office ka ba?


Nope. Internet shop. Working away from the office.




(laughs and tucks imaginary hair behind ear)

Di masyado…(laughs again)


Tawa ka nang tawa dyan.


Of course! It’s because I’m a happy person.


So, you wanna meet up?




Tuesday? (that was November 12, 2004)


I love Tuesdays. (laughs again) Starbucks in Intramuros?


That’s fine. I’ll see you then.


Okay. (smiles in kilig) Bye!


Bye. (click)


(incessantly smiling after ending call)


Ah, yes. He got me at “hello”—in query form. Since then we are already on our 15th month and it has been one hell and heaven of a ride. But everyday is just worth it. I love loving him. I love the thought that we can argue and debate on things (and hope that it won’t escalate into a fight). I love the fact that he never steps back on our game of intellectual tennis, standing his ground and matches up with me 100%. Some couples may find this difficult to manage but for me, it’s why we work. I love the fact that we are opposites (on my part, “surprised” would be more appropriate since he turns out to be the spitting image of the exact opposite of my ideal partner). He is a left-brainer and I am more of the right hemisphere. He’s a planner and I am the spontaneous one (oh dear. This blog won’t be able to accommodate the interesting times we have argued about the benefits of planning and the romantic nature of spontaneity. I remember the classic “ferry incident”. (cue video of ME and JEROME taking a stroll by the seawall)


(jumps and claps in glee at the sight of the Manila Bay public ferry)

Oh my God, babe! Let’s take the ferry…

ME/JEROME (blurts out in unison)

…it’s gonna be romantic/…it’s expensive

CUE TIGHT SHOT OF ME and JEROME looking at each other…waiting for a detailed discussion about practicality versus romance to ensue.

Yup. That’s how we are—the north and south pole. But I guess in diversity lies beauty. It’s a simple equation of “one plus one” of which the result is two different people trying to be one as a couple. (nice line, gives myself pat on the back) Sigh. I love how he keeps me up on my toes making every single day a new challenge; a new quest; a new adventure.

I guess for someone like me who is just starting to build a relationship (for the Nth time), it is really about the “real deal” more than the proverbial “right one”. It is about the real situations, the real fights, the real kiss-and-make-ups that makes it right for both of you…if not perfect. Whether it would entail sacrifices, big or small ones, it would still be perfect in our own standards. As long as the undying love is there and that he continues to be my true north and the yin to my yang, it will transcend flaws and shortcomings making perfection a journey and not a destination.

More years, babe! Mmmmmwaaaah!


This entry is an offshoot of a two-day debacle over our difference of opinion about Valentine’s Day. I said V-Day is a celebration of love. He said it is a machinery created by capitalist-minded entrepreneurs, commercializing it to put pressure on people (“dictate” as he put it) to make their loved ones feel “more special” in turn churning the money machine, giving them profits. (Final note on this issue not subject to retort: Uuuugh…)

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12 Responses to Turning 15 on the 16th – A Screenplay

  1. jher says:

    OMG you remember everything! Pinaiyak mo ako panget. At salamat di na nageexist ang mga cel number na yon. Isama talaga sa post? Wabyu wabyu!

  2. BongA says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… scrapbook?

  3. Dino says:

    Gah, so online dating works?

    Maybe I should give it a spin.

  4. jher says:

    bong – that reminds me. nasan na ang scrapbook ko. di ba hiniram mo?

  5. tintin says:

    what a cute post! is that really how you guys met? thanks to friendster ha. 🙂 hope you have more years ahead together. i tend to think like jher…v-day is overrated and commercialized. but then again, maybe i just feel that way coz i don’t have money to spend! haha!

  6. melai says:

    i’m happy for both of u 🙂 ************kilig********* grabeh!!!!
    sana ako rin lol!! teka makapag online sa friendster hehehehehe! i know a malaysian and singaporean couple na nagkakilala din sa friendster 🙂 ang cute nilang tignan sa personal 🙂

  7. BongA says:

    Jher – no i did not borrow it; someone else must have borrowed it. But I am missing mine, too. Sayang…

  8. babe, of course I remember everything. sus!

    bong – naku, don’t tempt me coz I love archiving! maybe its time to upgrade my memory box into a scrapbook.

    dino – well, you have to make it work by not engaging in bullshit. i guess online dating would not work if it starts off with lies and embelishments. me? i always start by giving my full name…somehow, it is a big deal to give people your real name. good luck!

    tintin – yes, that’s how we met! cute di ba? (giggles) thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    melai – salamat, pangga! hoy bruha, i-try mo sige lang. ang cute ng feeling pag eyeball (EB). saka wag masyadong long correspondence before EB. Ang weird ng feeling. mwahmwah!

  9. Dino says:

    Your real name? Fer real? Do people run background checks on people they date now? Heh.

    Guess it’s easier to lie online than offline. Not that people don’t lie offline, too, course.

    Either way you guys should pass a testimonial to friendster. Baka ma-feature pa kayo. Heh.

  10. dino – yup, for real! background checks…not really. it would depend on your intentions, dearest. if you’re looking for a date online to get laid…dude, just slam-bang-good day officer! But if you’re exploring for a potential partner, its better to lay down the honesty cards.

    genius is just another mouse – big smile lang ang ibigay ko sa yo. 🙂

  11. ethnic_scrap says:

    Love or money discussions? Parang pwede yan pang “Indecent Proposal” ah…(cue Robert Redford entrance…)

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