An Angel in Manila

Oh, I am so excited that I got to feature my fabulous angel pics! These were taken during our company Christmas Party. Our theme was “Festival of Christmas Hats”. Why the angel wings? Honey, everyone’s wearing a hat, I came in with wings and voila! I’m a star… (laughs haughtily) Why try to fit in when I was born to stand out?

This is my best friend, Nilda, professional fag hag…

Sweating after dancing like hell…but digging being heavenly

My own rendition of Ragan Fox’s, Fox in the City. (You have to try and listen to his podcasts. Very vulgar yet sensible.) My friend Nyl said its my impression of Claire Daines’ Juliet character in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet…

My favorite picture of all. Thanks to Nilda for capturing the essence of my fabulous and heavenly characteristics…

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2 Responses to An Angel in Manila

  1. Mimay! says:

    w0w!!! I lovelovelove the last one!^_^ ang cute!

  2. Thanks, Mimay! Miss ya heaps! Do you have a blogspot that I can visit?

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