525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights and cups of coffee? In inches? In miles of laughter and striving? How do you measure a year? How about…LOVE?

Before I break out into song ala Rent where these [favorite] lines from the song “Seasons of Love” from the same musical, let me just say that this is a good way to return to blogging (where I have been delinquent, I admit). Measuring a year in the life of a handsome, thirty-something, quirkyhappy man would be an exciting comeback. So, in homage to me and Bridget Jones, here is my year…in numbers:

Life and Work in General

Number of trips to ukay-ukay = countless
Number of ukay items purchased = 85% of wardrobe are from ukay
Number of thongs received as gift = 2 (1 red and 1 black)
Number of violent encounters with police = 1
Number of nervous breakdowns at work = 7
Number of debacles with cab drivers = 14

Number of times I was mistaken to be Anthony Pangilinan = 22 (I was tempted to say countless because this is the truth but for the sake of humility, I trimmed it down to 22)

Number of times I made my bosses squirm = 9
Number of trips to Mindanao = 13
Number of times I got to “suroy-suroy” during trips to Mindanao = 1
Number of times left by plane = 1 (and we learned our lesson…)
Number of times I worked over the weekend = I don’t want to remember…
Number of Trips to Divisoria = 1
Number of Sick Days from Trip to Divisoria = 4 (last day spilled over January 1 so I was sick on New Year’s Eve)
Number of pseudo-Ex-es who reconnected = 5
Number of fights with boyfriend over pseudo-Ex-es = lost track…
Number of “almost affairs” = 1 (but it didn’t happen, okay?)
Number of times we moved = 1
Number of fights with Mom and my Sister= lost track…
Number of times Mom and Sister and I made up = always…

But most of all, accounting 2005 will not be complete without mentioning the love I received from my boyfriend and partner in crime ( who managed to screw this blog the minute he attempted to mess with the template)

Number of missed kisses = 13
Number of foot-popping kisses = countless
Number of mood clashes = 13
Number of fights = 18
Number of times we kissed and made up = always
Number of make up sex resulting from kissing and making up = (why do you think I always pick a fight? *smiles naughtily*)
Number of times I cried on boyfriend’s shoulder = 2
Number of times boyfriend cried on my shoulder = 1 (he rarely cries…)
Number of time he loved me = 525,600 minutes

… and counting

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