Making Love the Main Event

Meredith and Gretchen – Love Without Time

Meredith and Gretchen (the old couple) were finally eliminated from the “Amazing Race 7”. But regardless of their loss, Meredith professed his love for Gretchen and referred to her as his “amazing woman” and showing to the entire world how he could not imagine himself without her. Gretchen responded by saying that by reaching as far as the top four enabled both of them to create memories that they will share for the rest of their life. (officially shed a tear after writing that) I am so privileged to have followed them and I sincerely wanted for them to win. Each episode revealed how much love these two have shared throughout time and it just makes me cry in joy…

Todd and Charlie – Love Blooms in Mysterious Ways

Todd and Charlie are the main characters in the movie, “No Cameras Allowed” shown on Cinemax. The premise of the movie was about Charlie, a single, 28-year old woman who owns a bookstore and Todd, producer of the “For Love or Money-esque” reality show “I Wanna Marry Ryan Banks” which features Ryan Banks, Todd’s best friend. Charlie was convinced by her sister, a certified Ryan Banks fan, to audition for the show. Charlie got in and during the course of the show, she was able to get to know Todd more…and vice-versa. Todd and Charlie both find themselves in a dilemma. Todd still producing the show and Charlie wanting to leave the show to be with Todd. Hey, we know how this is going to end. Todd ended up marrying with Charlie. (you have to watch what happened) I was so kilig and I cried some more. It just made me so happy that Charlie joined a “reality” TV show and ended up with the “real” thing—something that everyone wants…not to mention deserves.

Jerome and Jerome – Something Real

All right. I’m a mess. Just like my friend, Lani Briosos said, I’m just in love with being in love. And I am in love. Both Meredith and Gretchen and Todd and Charlie were so in love and are proud to be in love that they want to share it with the entire world. Is it to inspire others? To gloat to losers out there? Maybe not. I think because of what both couples share is something real, they need no reason to express their undying love for each other. For those who have been religiously following my blog entries, everyone knows that I AM in love but as to whom I am in love with, it is like a rosary (full of mysteries, gaga! Hahaha!). But now, just like Meredith and Gretchen and Todd and Charlie, I myself am proud to be enjoying something real—the joys, the fights and the kiss-and-make-up moments, and the romance. My God, the romance just makes me melt like low-salt butter on freshly baked wheat bread! And I am thankful that God gave me the privilege of meeting the most imperfect person in the entire world who holds my hand in our journey towards perfection: SEÑOR JEROME PRIMAVERA TRINONA. I just love him so much.

It is so overwhelming to see people who are in love and that their love—whether just blooming or has been strengthened by time—is existent. That its out there. I hope everyone gets the chance experience what Barbra Streisand refers to as THE MAIN EVENT.

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3 Responses to Making Love the Main Event

  1. Jerome says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Jher says:

    My love, I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. I’m so proud to have you as my partner. Yes, I am not perfect, but as I strive to attain “perfection” I know that you will always be there to guide me through. I love everything there is about you and I could not ask for anything more… I love you Jerome Castro Daclison…

  3. mai says:

    YEHEY!!! kyaJrome’s finally posted a new entry!! woohoo! That by itself is a cause for celebration, but what thrills me the most is that he’s in love!!;) 😉 😉 That was honestly the sweetest thing I’ve read in a looong time.:D yun lang. *insert cheesy smile and fluttering eyelashes.*–>

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