The Joy of Booboos, The Booboos of Joy

I missed my blogspot! (Gives my blogspot one of my wet kisses) And what a blog this is going to be. As the title says, it is about the laughter that booboos bring us. But most importantly, it is about one of the most graceful women I have met in my lifetime, one of my best friends, my sis, Carmen Joy Cabangon. Why graceful? Well, she is graceful even under fire from her booboos. Move over Melanie Marquez coz we got our own book to publish soon! As a preview, here are some of the classic booboos of Joy where she brings joy to booboos:

Lola? Granny!


Ely and Joy exchanging views about love when Googoo Dolls’s “Iris” plays on the radio.

Ay, gusto ko yan! (grooves with the music)

ELY (blandly)
Ok lang.


Hoy, magaling ang Googoo Dolls noh! Nanalo na nga siya ng GRANNY AWARD eh.

Ely laughs out loud while Joy innocently bites finger.

The Yankees are Coming

Joy came over the house to tell us about her date.

Huy! Ang gwapo-gwapo ng ka-date ko kagabi!

(excited) My gosh, talaga? Details, mare.

Ang puti! Ang ganda magdamit. Typical na YANKEE.

ME (furrows brow in confusion and decides to ask for clarification)
Parang New Yorker mag-damit? Sex and the City ang style?

Yung parang mga businessman sa Makati. Ganun sya magdamit.

Mare, YUPPY yun. Ayan ka na naman eh.

Joy cutely bites finger.

New Ice Cream Flavors

Hoy, mga brother! Bili naman tayo ng ice cream. Parang nagke-crave ako eh.

Oo ba! Anong gusto mong flavor?

JOY (enthusiastically)

ELY (laughs)
O sige. Ako naman gusto ko, ROAD ROCKY. Hahahahahaha!

Ay oo nga. Baligtad…(bites finger)

Shall We Dance?

Ely, Oliver, and Joy are ready to go home.

Hoy, bilisan nyo na noh! Alas-dos na baka wala akong masakyan.

Okay. O, pano Joy? Shall we?

Shall we.

OLIVER (laughs)
Gawin daw bang declarative sentence?

Joy bites finger.

Charades Fever

Oliver’s turn to act. Picked “The American President” from the lots. Starts to act. Joy in Oliver’s team.

(Points to nose as sign for “The”)



(Acts out US flag)

Flag? America? American? (excited when Oliver acknowledges her correct answer) (Joy becomes excited) The American….The American…. The American….(triumphantly) Alam ko na!!!! THE AMERICAN PIE!

Everyone rolls in laughter.

Clothes Galore

Me trying out a body-hugging shirt

Grabe, Jay! Bagay pala sa yo ang BODY HUGGARD.

ME (laughs)

Clothes Galore 2

Hoy, Jay! Ang ganda-ganda ko kanina. Naka-HALTERED ako kanina! (with matching demo of a halter top)


Ay, wala pala siyang “D” sa huli.

(slaps forehead)

The Cable Guy

Dapat pala maging judge ka sa “Iron Chef”. Napapanood mo ba yun?

Oo naman. Meron namang cable company sa Manila na ganun. Ano nga ba yung cable company na yun? (tries to remember then triumphantly exclaims) Ayun! Yung DESTINY’S CABLE!

OLIVER (laughs)
Ano yun? Destiny’s Child?
(Cue Kelly, Michele, and Beyonce to the tune of “Survivor”: I’m an INSTALLER, I’m a COLLECTOR….)

Seven Days

Last December 27, 2005….

Hoy, mga brother! Naka-chat ko si OJ kanina. (Note: He’s in Canada)

O, kumusta daw sya?

Ok lang naman. Kaya lang nagtaka ako kasi binati ko siya. Sabi ko: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ang sagot nya sa kin: Sa isang linggo pa yun…

Bakit ka nagtaka?

Kasi…seven days ba ang difference natin sa Canada?

ELY (laughs)
Ano yun, nasa Pluto si OJ?


Isn’t it fun? But before you go and insult our best friend. Let me tell you that she is better than most of us because she is open to correction and was never ashamed of being wrong. Unlike most of us who are guilty of being smug and quick in judging other people for their shortcomings, she accepts criticism with grace and dignity. We admire her for that and we commend her for exhibiting humility under ridicule and being brave to say, NOW I KNOW. Bravo, Joy! Hats off to you.

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3 Responses to The Joy of Booboos, The Booboos of Joy

  1. Jher says:

    I adore Joy. I witnessed her booboos and she is just funny and cute. Here’s to more!

  2. br0wn_c0w says:

    Hahahaha! I enjoyed this very much!! Ang aliw ni Joy!

  3. toni says:

    Joy is such a character! And so endearing, which makes her booboos even more precious.

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