How Many in Your Friendster Friends List are REALLY Your Friends?

Okay, thought to ponder on: don’t you just hate it that eventhough you have “friends” in your “friends list”, you feel like you don’t have “friends” at all? Although there is an irony about MySpace and Friendster on this premise, I also believe that it does follow the lines of reality. I mean, come to think of it. You want to have friends and just like in real life, you look for them. In Friendster and MySpace, we “browse”. If we find someone we like, we invite them to be our friends–just like in real life. Some will reject or just ignore our invitation (those who don’t want us to be friends or those who just have no guts to be frank) and some will accept our invitation. But just like in real life, there are those who accepted our invitation para lang mukhang dumami ang friends or it’s just embarrassing to reject the invitation. So, some of those friends just become acquaintances. But there are those who really become your friends or ARE already your friends in the truest sense. This is what matters. My point? Just let it be if you have acquaintances who don’t even bother to send a message and are content to be a numerical addition to their friends list. Just bear in mind that the important thing is out of the hundreds of friends in your “friends list” (in fairness, I see some accounts with 500 friends), you have a number of those whom you can really call friends–those who will be there to lend their support and really give you a true, kick-ass testimonial because they know you from head to toe, surface to soul, or better yet, because you have touched their lives in one way or another—not just a lame, moosehead, mindless one-liner like “You’re hot!”.or “Hello! Add me.” (What the hell is that?)

Now, I challenge you. How many in your list are acquaintances, just friends, and real friends? For some reason, some people automatically proclaim themselves as winners of the MR. AND MS. FRIENDSHIP AWARDS just because they have hundreds of “friends” in their friends list. I suggest a thorough reality check.

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