Losing Charlie, Finding Julia

My dog Julia. She’s the other love of my life.

I decided to make an article in honor of the other love of my life, Julia. She’s my ever-loyal, affectionate, and loving dog. She’s one-third Spitz, one-third Askal, and one-third human. Yes. I would like to think she’s a human because she expresses emotions the way we do. I can talk to her and believe me when I say that she answers back. Oh yes, my dear fans. She DOES answer back. She smiles at me, tells me that she loves and/or misses me, and if she’s mad or is making “tampo” to me, believe me…she makes sure that I know what she feels. Not only does she provide companionship and love to all of us but she becomes my shield from pressure of being single! Hahahaha! Yes, my dear fellow single, thirty-something quirkyalones. My advice is you give your pets human names so that your parents would feel like they have grandchildren. (Mom shouting at my dog: Julia! Ano ka ba? Labas ka nang labas baka masagasaan ka dyan! Pumasok ka sa bahay!) O di ba? Hahahaha!

Why the sudden urge to write about Julia? I was rummaging through my Dear God journal and I found this section of an entry:

October 29, 2002
11:55 p.m.

…Charlie’s presence has really made a difference in the atmosphere here at home. I’m gonna make an article about the importance of family in the eyes of a lost dog who has found his way home….

Charlie was our dog who got lost and found his way home. Although when we transferred to our new house in Pacita II, someone took him and we lost him again. But finding Julia brought us new joy—a different one maybe because she’s a girl (so gender-insensitive. Hahaha!). Well, almost three years passed and I would like to live up to that commitment. In homage to the love and loyalty of Charlie and Julia, here it is.

Losing Charlie

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3 Responses to Losing Charlie, Finding Julia

  1. By the looks of her, is she even alive?!

  2. mai says:

    Ang kyuuuuuuoot ni Julia!! hehe!:D Well, for a ghost dog that is…

  3. Jher says:

    She does look a little weird in the pic. But she’s cute and cuddly and very sweet. So yung mga masyadong mareklamo sa lahat na lang, I will just ask Julia to bite you. Hahahaha. (Gosh I’m surprised walang review sa pic ni Julia in fairness)

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