Under the Influence of Love (UTL) – My Own Couch Story

I am now in a Bridget Jones moment. I wanna shout the way she did it, “Hurrah! I now have boyfriend! Want to scream in joy in a manner of Grace Kelly”! (sans scarf, pixie glasses, and top down car, of course. Damn!) Yes, I am currently taking a break from being single and detached (so real estate). I can now go to Friday’s and not be harassed with questions like, “Table for two, Sir? (Me: No.) Your party’s waiting for you? (Me: No.) Oh you’re waiting for someone then? (Me already pissed off: No. Is it out of this world for someone to dine alone???) I’ll take you to your table then. (Crew gives me a crappy table by the kitchen door where you have a 98% chance of being run over by servers)” Well, not anymore, folks! I now have the opportunity to dance in the streets with someone, look at the world through rose-colored windows everyday, and I now have a regular supply of sweet text messages like “good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good night”, and “have you eaten?” And I have a last call at night! I feel nice and all tingly inside. (giggles like a young boy)

I again rummaged through my Dear God journal and I found this entry:

October 28, 2002
11:55 p.m.


We are so obsessed with witty acronyms. After the very much used and abused UTI (Under the Influence of Alcohol), UTL or “under the influence of love” seems to be in fashion nowadays. The Saturday Gin Fest showcased not only UTI moments but UTL ones, as well. Seeing Jen and OJ on the couch, stargazing, heads leaning on each other is priceless (parang Mastercard commercial! Hahaha!). I never knew how a lovely sight of sweetness can generate a huge amount of kilig response compared to two-dimensional characters in a chick flick/date movie. I’m so glad OJ’s happy. Well, I’m happy coz I still FEEL the feeling. But now I want to feel it WITH SOMEONE. Grace has been in my mind and heart constantly. I wait for her to call, I can’t wait to call her, I love love how she makes me laugh with her wit and charm. (sigh) Hahahaha! But seriously, seeing people with someone is a validation of a void which I have ignored for so long. I can’t classify this as loneliness but I can’t say that I’m jumping for joy either. All I can say is that the moment she mentioned that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is also her hero, I fell in love with her. May your will be done, Lord.

Well, two years have passed and a record number of 21 dates in 4 months, I have someone. (Madison Square Garden cheers, decibel levels hit the roof) I am happier now. Why? Coz now I have my own couch story (winks). Labia, babe! Both minora and majora pa. Hahaha!

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3 Responses to Under the Influence of Love (UTL) – My Own Couch Story

  1. ethnic scrap says:

    Congrats tol! (i dont know if thats an appropriate/wierd thing to say) Tamang-tama para sa pasko ah! heehee! 😀

  2. Jher says:

    You deserve all the love this world can give you. I am just as lucky. *winks at you in a pa-cute kinikiliti way* 🙂

  3. ang saya saya naman ng holidays ni Bridget Jones!

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