The Tao of Ped Xing

Nice title right? Reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s “The Kwan” in Jerry Maguire. But the experience of Ped Xing is not as pleasant. Traversing the path of ignorance is incomparable to taking the Ped Xing path for the latter gives you a sense of safety and security while the former…well…just makes you feel insubstantial. Beating around the bush? Yes. I am ashamed to admit that only at 30 years old have I discovered that “Ped Xing” actually means, PEDESTRIAN CROSSING. (cue slow motion shot as I take the walk of “Ped Xing” shame like a loser in Fear Factor) Dammit! To think that I thought I already know a lot. (shakes head in disappointment) It was really embarrassing because my dear friend, blogmate, and fellow film aficionado, Dylan, politely (?) corrected me by giving an etymologically illustrative example of why the common pedestrian crossing is referred to as “Ped Xing.” (Dylan’s exact text message: (PED)estrian Cross(X)ing) He’s so precise and considerate. Don’t you just love him? Hehehehe! (winks at Dylan) But I appreciated the mere fact that I learned something new (yet seemingly so basic that’s why I feel so bad?). I mean, if you look at the title, it does not seem so out of place if one thinks that “Ped Xing” is somehow a colleague of Sun Tzu or Mao Tse Tung and that in honor of their courage, a street was named after them. Hahahaha! All I can say is: NOW I KNOW. So every time I take the Ped Xing, it is a reminder that just like our need to get to the other side of the street safely……(long pause as Jerome thinks of a profound and witty meaning of taking the pedestrian crossing) (shakes head) Nope…it’s really a reminder of my ignorance. (like a child who throws a tantrum) I am never crossing the Ped Xing again for as long as I live! (dashes up to his room, slams door, and jumps on the bed)

(cue shot of Jerome wailing in shame)

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1 Response to The Tao of Ped Xing

  1. Lani says:

    Okay lang iyon, Bridget! Ako nga rin hubby ko lang nagsabi kung ano iyon, nagtaka pa ako noong makita ko iyon sa Roxas Blvd. I thought it was the name of the street. (lol)

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