ISP Anniversary – Random Thoughts

Nov 15, 2004 2nd Year ISP anniversary. hehe, coincides with another important date (ask jen šŸ˜€
Kapehan sa Rosario to Inuman sa Pacita, how times change. 2 years ago on this day, lumapit sina J sa ISP. tangina, yung araw na yun, hehe. It was a day of joy/conflict/discovery/renewal, an experience that i believe was well worth it. I learned a lot of things, about myself and others, and i learned the true meaning of respect :p (ang drama no?)
anyway, tangina, ang ISP madaming masaya ang nangyari dyan. from continuing the tradition of elbow-rubbing, drinking and vomitting, voices practicing, ISP also brought along the arrival of new *members* as well as traditions. The G.I Jane-esque “surrender” bell/bamboo windchime, although the trials that we were giving up on were much more enjoyable than doing push-ups in the surf.
Random thoughts:
Why am do i like ISP better than KSR? well, nothing personal here, pero
a) closer to pacita complex, walking distance, can be walked when short on cash
b) closer to RRD and Hyper Instinx
yun lang

I know each one of us has our own memories of ISP (ie, 400 being a standout for a select few) but here are a few of my own.

(quotes and phrases appear not exactly as they were said, they appear as how as i remember them. considering most of them happened while i was drunk, dont count on them being very accurate)

– On our way to RRD, drunk already as we were, we were waiting at a nearby corner (kanto) for a tricycle. e may dumaan, na parang may sinabi sya, and what he said didnt sit well with Ely at all. Rule no. 1: wag agrabyaduhin si ely kapag lasing. putangina! You can tell by the way his eyes squint, the lower lip is pulled up, the jaw is set, the right hand is balled up tightly into a fist. “putangina nya, intayin lang natin sya bumalik” jerome being the peacemaker, ushered us to carry on, like the Fellowship, excpet our goals were loftier, haha! anyway, bumalik na yung tricycle, and ely’s reaction was quick and instinctive. reaching down and grabbing a large chunk of concrete, sidles up against a corner wall as so the trike driver couldnt say him, he says “sst, tol, tumabi na kayo dyan, tangina, pag dumaan yan dto…” well, to make a long story short, he didnt. at uminom kami sa RRD. yehey!! yahoo!!! google!! msn!! (wag nyong gayahin yan! joke namin ni jen yan!)

– One word: Chronic!! Two words: Toilet paper. add it together and you will know. hahahahaha!! putangina, palyado naman eh!

– The many hours spent chopping onions, tomatoes, ginger, peeling baguio beans, etc šŸ˜›

– eating dinner at their house one night, when suddenly an overflow of water from the back floods the kitchen/main eating area! after finishing our meal with our feet wading in the water, we switch to emergency mode and quickly sweep/mop/wipe the water out, while the rain keeps on outside. once the rain does let up, we sit in the living room pondering what to do for the rest of the night, when kuya ol gets a text from tatay:

“oliver, baha sa may paseo, ok lang kahit d muna kayo umuwi” (or something similar to that)

hehehe! you know what that means!!!

“Manong, isang long neck, isang lapad, isang pop, kalahting winston, kalahating phillip. tska dalawang chicharon narin…”

– Pagkatpos ng defense namin sa sysdes, pmunta ako sa ISP. i can remember na kaming tatlo ni Ely at Jerome, drinking san mig light in his room listening to Ely’s mixtape. it may not seem much, but naalala ko mdyo matagal narin hindi nagkasama ang Brothers J, at yun yung unang time na nagkainuman ulit kami. It was a very touchgloves moment.

This all may seem trivial moments, i know there are probably more better examples that i could have used, but as im writing this i cant seem to pull them up. I’ll add later on if i do remember. And it may seem that all of the moments spent at ISP are anchored with drinking. thats not true. theres also Music, (kikinjungkinjuking….stomp.clapclap…) writing (DataLine editing) and sex (hehe, dont look at me! nasa nueve ecija ako nun!) Which of course, gave birth to one of the most overused phrases of our time: (in deep angelo voice) “Pare…..” And of course, the profound moments of QT (quality time)

Most people like to go out on the weekends, go to clubs and shit. I remember telling one of my friends that in the Philippines i hardly ever went to clubs. he was pretty shocked, for him saturday was not saturday without going to a club.
pero para sakin, id take having a beer/emperador with ely, jerome, dennis, jen, (vodka ice pala, d sya umiinom ng beer :P) angelo, mel, joy, owen, oliver et al than to go any club on any day. (sounds lame i know)

Tangina pare, miss ko na kayong lahat. sana makapag inuman tayo ulit, miss ko na talaga kayo. Ngayon naramdaman mo ang pagkawala mo sa AMA (touch gloves! mis-quote!) Sana makabalik ako dyan sa ISP, at iinom tayo ulit. Tagay mo na! O! Dinadaan sa para-paraan eh! walang social drinking dito!!!


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