Never the Lover, Always A Friend

I have been voraciously dating people these past few months in the search for something real. People from Friendster, Filipino Friend Finder, Myspace, Friday’s, Italliani’s, Starbucks, and from both sleazy and upscale bars in Makati and Malate, you name it, I was there like a wild animal hunting for its prey. (that sounded so Ted Bundy) But it’s nice. I have met a total of 14 people already. The sad thing is that only intermediate objectives were met. Meaning, I ended up being friends to 90% of the people I’ve gone out with, even with the 20% of those whom I pursued and gave me the “let’s just be friends” rejection spiel. In a Charlotte York kind of way, I’ve always believed that there is always a bright side to everything. And true enough, I always find it. Even though I still don’t get to sing Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams’s “I Finally Found Someone” or The Company’s “Now That I Have You”, I still get to fulfill my mission of touching people’s lives. In one way or another, I enjoy being a self-proclaimed angel to these new-found friends. Although, since I am human after all, in a Miranda Hobbes kind of way, it sucks to being the dating scene’s equivalent of the adage reference “always-the-groom’s man-never-the-groom.”

Even if I’m never the lover and end up always a friend, it is okay. For now, I’m taking a much-deserved rest from searching. I had an epiphany. I just realized that I have so much worth and like the most precious pearls in the ocean, I AM THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE FOUND. My future partner should deserve me coz I have a solid knowledge of my capability to love. If people don’t like that, then they just lost the chance of having something real.

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1 Response to Never the Lover, Always A Friend

  1. Jher says:

    I have to thank these people who chose to be just friends with you. Sabi nga nila, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Hahahaha! But kidding aside, you are indeed a gem of a person, it’s just that some people prefer opals over diamonds, or jade over pearls. Just the same, I found my treasure in you. And for that, I feel truly blessed.

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