Malate Virgin No More

I went to Malate last October 30 in most ways a virgin. It was my first time to attend a Halloween party. My first time to see so many gay people converged in one place. It was exploding with fabulousness! My first time to really savor Malate at its finest. Adjective sounded good that’s why I used it but I really didn’t totally mean it.

Okay. With the God-given imagination that I have, I went there with an expectation that it would somehow have the atmosphere of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. People letting go of inhibitions and just celebrate life, love, and freedom. But most of the people (not all ha?) were so conscious about their images. There’s nothing wrong with that but they try too hard to present themselves in a way they want to be seen instead of just expressing their freedom and individuality. Sorry for the arrogance but I felt it was so pretentiously bourgeois. Case in point: It rained…wait, let me rephrase that, it was just a drizzle. People rushed to find shade. I, on the other hand, wanted to sit outside and continue drinking beer and tequila coz a little rain won’t hurt me. Okay, I admit we could catch a cold or contract pneumonia and eventually face death when untreated but hey! This is just one night of fun and organized joy so why spoil it with the thought of being ill, being bed-ridden, and potential death? Sigh! The shot momentum was equivalent to coitus interruptus and while I was the one of the few (most of them are foreigners) who braved the rain, most of the people are under a shade protecting their hair styles, make-up, and their fabulousness in general. Goodness! An hour-and-a-half later, the drizzle stopped and the Cuervo street party sponsored by “Out!” started. There were men clad in masks with a theme of Ancient warriors dancing on ledges. Now this is a nice gender-bender switch to see men being exploited while they crazily (but not gracefully) gyrate in front of a hedonistic crowd. There was this one guy though who was waving a DLSU flag while cheering for the dancer and I said to myself, “Dude! This is a street party and not the UAAP.” I was laughing in amusement while this guy in leotard tights proudly waved the flag of our alma mater as if he’s watching the DLSU Green Archers handle the ball. Oh, wait! There’s no difference! There you go! Hahahaha! Animo La Salle! You go and wave that flag, girl! Then the hosts of “Out!” went on and the adrenalin drastically declined. They killed…and I meant that in a bad way. Gods in the heavens, they were soooo lousy! There was already this epicurean, Sodom-and-Gomorrah-esque atmosphere and they just failed to sustain that let alone capitalize on it. Professional eye-roller that I am, I smirked in disappointment and went to look for Jose Cuervo and Miguel to seek refuge and solace.

Okay, my being devirginized by Malate was not as bad as my first sexual experience. I had a good time. Maybe next time it will be better. For now, I’m thankful that I’m a Malate virgin no more. Next step is to experience going to BED…and maybe I get to snag someone and go to bed. (naughtily winks) At least, carpe diem right?

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