Our Capacity to Love and Hate


I was referred to as an angel three times for the past two days by three people whose lives I touched. Human Being 1 said that my warmth and kindness washed away his pain. Human Being 2 said I gave her the courage to conquer her fears and insecurities by finally deciding to refuse to being treated like a doormat by her husband. Human Being 3 said that I inspired him to be a better person by going back to what makes him burn with passion: writing. This is my essence of being and Being—a warm, kind-hearted person whose mission is to touch people’s lives. Thank you, my Lord, for giving me more opportunities to give love…


When one has an overflowing capacity to love, one also has to recognize that s/he has a huge capacity to hate. And I could say that this is true for me. I firmly believe that I am a good person by universal standards. But my being an Aquarian ensures me of a place in hell. Yes, the dark side of Aquarians is the need to exact revenge over people who have wronged us. Basically due to the fact that we seldom find fault and for us to be disadvantaged, especially when we have done nothing wrong, that person is definitely a spawn of Satan. The anti-Christ.

Nevertheless, I am a forgiving person. As much as I have this capacity to hate, I have a greater capacity to love. But forgiveness is earned and not bestowed for the former connotes an acceptance of the concept of accountability. Without this, forgiveness will never be deserved.

My own version of the karmic theory: Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. The worst things happen to people who do bad things to good people.

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