Love’s Many Faces

I want to share with you these three love songs that describe different facets of love. These are some of my favorites which are included in Barbara Streisand’s album, “A Love Like Ours”, the one she made when she finally found someone that made her dance in the streets of Manhattan. If you want a private performance from moi, call me. (Naks!)


When I fall you’re my place to land
I lose my touch you’re my hand
The one I hold on to.
If you run out of reasons to try
I’ll love enough for both you and I
I’d be the one you can run to.

*I’d rather go to any pain life puts us through
Than to spend one day without you by my side.

**If you ever leave me, won’t you take me with you
If you’re ever lonely, I wanna be lonely too.
My hope’s inside you, no matter where you may go.
My love’s inside you even more than you know.

In a world of anger and lies, I find peace in your eyes
A flame in the darkness
Ooh and through all space and time
Till every star refuses to shine, you know where my heart is.

Repeat * and **

And I can’t remember life without you
the way it used to be
Feels like a million years away
My hope is till the angels singTell me every little thing
Promise me forever from this day.

Repeat **


It’s a funny thing, I look at you
I get a thrill I never knew
Isn’t it a pity we never met before.

Here we are at last, it’s like a dream
The two us a perfect team.
Isn’t it a pity we never met before.

Imagine all the years we wasted
Me with the neighbors, you at silly labors
What joys untasted, my nights were sour
Spent with schopenhauer.

Let’s forget the past let’s both agree
That I’m for you and you’re for me.
Isn’t it a pity?

Imagine all the lonely years we’ve wasted
Fishing for salmon losing at backgammon
What joys are untasted
Me at the Prado, you in Colorado.

Happiest of boys, I’m sure to be
If only you would say to me
Isn’t it a pity we’ve never met before.

What an awful pity, we never, ever met before…


I look at you and there it is
The ultimate in where it is
And realize how rare it is
Just finding your love.

You try so many arms when you are lonely
To find the one and only
One day you turn and he’s there.

Amazing how serene it is
The shade of evergreen it is
Exactly what we need it is
I know it would be

*When love like ours arrive
We guard it with our lives
Whatever goes astray
One rainy day comes around
A love like ours will keep us safe and sound.

Hmm… (Repeat *)

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