From Start to Penis

Men are sooooo misunderstood. Maybe its because of the sins of our forefathers have plagued the men of generations next to them. We are being accused of being sexist, chauvinistic swine who have nothing in their minds but to undermine the exceptional power of women and concocting ways to achieve sexual gratification. The world is so unfair in making such sweeping generalizations that men are so clueless. Special mention given to women’s groups who feel like they are still suffering from discrimination by existing in what the character, Vera Donovan from the movie Dolores Claiborne said, “We live in a depressingly masculine world.” Partly, I do not blame them because undeniably there are still occurrences of such but my sistahs, ease up with the overwhelming references to ALL men. And to my brothas who are solely driven by their penis, down boys! Special mention to the following:


God, I’m so disappointed with the makers of this show. When I first heard of that show, I said “Finally! A show that would serve as an avenue for people to appreciate the inner workings of the minds of men.” All throughout the pilot episode, I was drafting a complaint letter to Studio 23 for the crass jokes especially how RJ Ledesma acts like a salivating wild dog in Ivan Pavlov’s lab when presented with women clad in a skimpy swimsuit. Damn those people! They have the power to change minds and they screw it up. You bad puppies! Tsk!


“Penis Talks” was made with the ultimate aim of creating an answer to the much celebrated “The Vagina Monologues”. A friend who watched it told me that it didn’t live up to his expectation since it did not really capture the intention of putting men in a brighter light. He even said that the penises in the play talked about anal penetration. What the hell was that???

“COCKY CONVERSATIONS” – A Chance for Redemption

This is an idea that I have conceptualized two years ago that’s why I was initially frustrated when I heard about “Penis Talks” because I thought it took away the novelty of my idea. Good thing it sucked (sexual pun intended). So, you have to wait for this event which is going to happen soon: it is called COCKY CONVERSATIONS. It is going to be the largest focus group discussion participated in by men of all walks of life, converging with the ultimate objective of speaking their minds out about sex, frustrations about boyfriendhood and fatherhood, and the claustrophobic pressure placed on the shoulders of men. This is going to be historical and I want all of you to spread the word. As part of the initial phase, I am talking to small groups of men, compiling data on the way to the event. So, if you know of men who want to join “Cocky Conversations”, feel free to refer them to me. The event’s will be participated in by men from the business sector, entertainment industry, schools, and the community. It’s gonna rain men, from start to penis!!!

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1 Response to From Start to Penis

  1. ck says:

    whatever happened to cocky conversations? did the “cock” take flight?

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